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April Fools Recap: Where Did All The Humor Go?

Airsoft GI Bob "The Axe Man's" Dignity

April Fools' Day just went by, and it seemed that this year it really didn't matter as there were too few April Fool stories to go by (in airsoft that is). Perhaps it just fell on a Palm Sunday, the start of the Holy Week that people just became holier than thou. We've tried looking for some cool ones that can be shared to our readers, but really, there was a dearth of jokes.

But still, there are some who managed to bring some humor on a boring Sunday.

Pyramyd Air bows to public pressure and changes spelling of its name

On a serious note, is it high time? I remember that UK based airsoft retailer changing from Action Hobbys to Action Hobbies. Here's the reasoning for the spelling correction:

“We receive a significant number of emails from customers seeking a discount code for pointing out that our name has too many Y’s in it. The employees who respond to these emails were demoralized from the burden of answering them, so changing the spelling was the path of least resistance.”

And so they obliged with the new one, and they present it with great pride:

That should help them win the Spelling Bee. Awesome, ain't it?

Still, they're not yet done and this one can be a classic:

The Field Adaptive Reactionary Training pellet

"Agro Industries of California announced a joint venture with the U.S. Department of Defense that has resulted in a remarkable new kind of airgun projectile that’s approved for use at very close ranges and becomes harmless the farther it flies. The new projectile is a liquid with some of the properties of a solid and is based on the properties of non-Newtonian fluids (specifically Oobleck fluids) that become rigid when subjected to sudden external pressure."

If this were true, you would expect air gun to give airsoft a run for its money at skirmish sites.

If you were wondering where the Pink Slime went to after the brouhaha that happened in the US. Well...

The manufacturer refuses to disclose the exact mixture of the projectile, though they do admit that at least half of it is comprised of the pink slime that the California State Board of Education has been lobbying the FDA to approve for use in school lunches. The rest of the contents remain undisclosed and are contractually protected from a FOIA, but the manufacturer assures the public that they’re nutritionally neutral. The contents of the projectiles are therefore considered safe to eat.

Airsoft GI Bob "The Axe Man's" Dignity

Step right up! If you open your wallet (or your Paypal account), you get to buy a piece of Bob's dignity. Hurry, while supplies last (or whatever is left of it):

"Now is your chance to own a piece of something that Bob hasn't had in years, his dignity. He doesn't need it, and realistically, you don't either. But hey, if he doesn't want it, it is a steal for only $5. His dignity vanishes quickly so get it while you can! XOXO"

Soldier Systems: Platatac’s New SEAL Camo

I think we've been punked here. But hey! If you want a SEAL impression, then get this, you'll have it, literally.

If I did miss some nice ones, drop me a note.