Be The Next Airsoft YouTube Celebrity Using Your Smartphone's Camera


Have you been thinking of being the next Jet DesertFox, Airsoftology Jonathan, Robo-Murray, or Khan Seb who are well known airsoft celebrities by their big presence on YouTube? Or how about being behind the camera like Scoutthedoggie? They attract sponsors that spur them to make even more videos which then attract more viewers and even more sponsors.

Whether you are in front of a camera or behind the camera; whether you are covering an event, or doing an airsoft review, it really does not exactly take a lot of money to put up nice YouTube videos. Many of such YouTube celebrities actually started small, before moving on to better and more expensive cameras. If you have a creative mind but a small budget, picking the right smartphone should help you get started.

The smartphone is the most powerful device that you carry around with you. It does a lot of things, apart from making calls, sending text, taking photos and watch dancing cats online. You can do great videos with it, provided that you have invested in the right smartphone that comes with a good quality video camera. And when we mean good video camera, it should be at least 1080p HD, or better, go for smartphones with 4K cameras.

Rather than invest in expensive video cameras, or DSLRs that won't help you make calls or browse the web when need be, the smartphone especially those from the Apple and the Androids should do well. Whatever budget you have left can then be spent on a computer that you can use for video editing, tripods, fluid heads, baseplates, and rigs (though the last one is optional). You can also buy smartphone mounts for rifle rail systems.

To give you an even better way on doing great videos with a Smartphone, here's another YouTube celebrity well known for his videos using smartphone cameras, Danny Winget that'll give you some of the best tips of using your smartphone for videos:

There is one thing that he forgot to mention in his tips, and that is audio. You will need to get an external microphone for better audio capture, especially for doing interviews or a vlog. The good thing is that there are external microphones made for specifically for smartphones and tablet, such as the RØDE SMARTLAV Lavalier Microphone For Smartphones:

You can check eBay or Amazon for lowcost rigs and devices that can assist you for better video and audio capture.

Now, don't forget to plan before doing a video and having a storyboard or a well prepared set of questions. Even if you have the nice gizmos to start your airsoft YouTube channel, if you have nothing in mind to present or talk about, then no one would be interested in your video and it'll just be buried in those thousands of videos that are uploaded on YouTube every hour.

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