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Caleb Crye And A Look Into Crye Precision

Caleb Crye

Business is really good for Crye Precision these days. Their Multicam and innovative tactical designs are seeping into many products in use by some of the best armed forces in the world, and even being used in high fashion. From an industrial design firm called Crye Associates, their development of the multicam multi-environment pattern allowed them to create Crye Precision and grow into one of the leading tactical gear design houses in the world.

Caleb Crye as shown in the video which was made five months ago, looks like a very shy person, unable to directly look into the camera. But his voice shows the intensity of thought into his designs, and there is passion to make some of the finest gear. His background is different from other founders of tactical gear companies who usually have service backgrounds; he came from an art school, and his looks and demeanor would either make him look natural in Silicon Valley, or at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York, where Crye Precision also operates.

It was a tough climb for Crye Precision as they diligently worked on the acceptance of the multicam pattern in the US Armed Forces, having been beaten by the UCP design. But with small successes such as orders from SOCOM operators and other special forces units, wide acceptance by the airsoft community itself,  adoption in the movie "Transformers", and even got high visibility in Ghost Recon video game, multicam got its first government recognition when the UK's MOD adopted the multicam colours and merged with the DPM pattern called the MTP. Since then, Australia followed and many United States units such as the Air Force and forces operating in Afghanistan are now using the pattern.

Crye Precision's designs have also influenced the design thinking of other tactical gear makers, especially with the combat and field apparels and design of vests. Their combat trousers with the kneed pad inserts are now widely recognisable. With the release of their G3 All Weather Combat apparel, they can now provide a single set of combat clothing that can be used in extreme weather conditions.

As business is getting better, Crye Precision will be expanding their operations at the Brooklyn Navy Yard where they have been operating in 4 sites for their 110 employees. With a grant for the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) by the State of New York, they will be able to consolidate their sites under one location since the new spaces at the US$46 million Green Manufacturing Center will allow them to lease 86,000 square feet of floor space for their expanded operations from their existing 45,000 total. The company started operations at the same site with 4,500 square feet. With the expanded operations, they will be able to create an additional 100 jobs.

As to where Crye Precision will move in terms of design, we cannot suggest anything but would rather have them surprise us with their designs. We consider them to be one of the more forward thinking companies in terms of tactical gear design as they have made an impact of designing tactical gear outside the box. Even if we derided them sometimes by calling their multicam gear as "guccicam" given the costs of the fabric and actual apparent line, the effectiveness of their products rarely gets criticised. Apart from that, they also have a fashion sense of creating a tactical clothing that also really looks good on the wearer.