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Cybergun Announces The Fully Licensed Inokatsu Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol

Cybergun Inokatsu Glock 17 Limited Edition

Now, there is such a thing as an airsoft Glock, a real fully-licensed airsoft Glock that regular airsoft players can get to own rather being a solely a training tool for the French Interior Ministry. So that means our imaginary airsoft Glock has become a thing of the past.

The problem though is that it is an Inokatsu Glock 17 Gas Blowback Pistol that will only be available in France, so lucky are those airsoft players who are residents in France. Here is the announcement of Cybergun via their Facebook Page:

Cybergun acquired the Taiwanese airsoft manufacturer Inokatsu in 2010 with a plan to provide premium airsoft products and Inokatsu is an established name for premium airsoft guns. That means the pricing for the Inokatsu Glock 17 GBB Pistol will command a premium price. Initially, Cybergun will be releasing a Limited Edition Inokatsu Glock 17 GBB Pistol with a price of €350 and it will just be limited to 100 pieces. The photos included here are what airsoft players can expect to receive if they get the limited edition which will come with a Glock t-shirt, case, Glock Cap, and a Glock Patch apart from the pistol and magazine. It is now on pre-order.

Also mentioned in the comments, a regular Inokatsu Glock 17 Gas Blowback Pistol with a price of €250 will also be released and orders will be taken by the 28th of August.

Reading in the comments section, Cybergun may have admitted that it is not manufactured directly by Inokatsu when someone commented about it:

Still reading through the comments section, other Facebook users are speculating that the OEM is VFC which is said to be behind the Stark Arms brand with airsoft pistols based on Glock designs. There is no confirmation if VFC is the OEM though the company is known for being an OEM for Umarex.

Pricing is in the Inokatsu range, which will make airsoft players, even in France to hesitate as it is expensive though we expect that Cybergun may not find it difficult to sell as there airsoft players wanting to own a fully licensed airsoft Glock. The question is if it will perform better or as well as the Marui G17 Gas Blowback Pistol or even the WE Airsoft G17 GBB Pistol.

If would have been great if it is Glock 17 Gen 4. Unfortunately, this seems to look like a Gen 3.

So now that the Glock airsoft pistol is real, will you buy it at the price(s) that Cybergun is asking for?

Photos of the Cybergun Inokatsu Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol as posted on Facebook below: