DJI OSMO Mobile Stabiliser For The Airsoft YouTuber On A Budget

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If you are an airsofter who wants to be the next airsoft celebrity on YouTube, you would probably start on a small budget. Apart from your airsoft guns and gear, you would probably invest your money on an action camera for capturing the airsoft gameplay and a smartphone with a really good camera such as an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy for interviewing people, doing reviews, or going behind the scenes capturing candid moments of airsofters in the safe zone.

One of the issues that you would probably encounter in using a smartphone camera is stabilisation as you might produce jerky footage when you move around covering the action or capturing the scene. Sometimes software stabilization tools can be helpful but may affect video quality and the best stabilisation really is an actual video stabiliser that you can bring with you on or off the field.

So rather than spend on an expensive video camera with stabiliser, you can go for the DJI’s OSMO Mobile. Based on the DJI’s OSMO handheld stabilized 4K camera, the OSMO Mobile does away with the video camera and instead comes with the stabilizer and the mobile phone holder. The OSMO Mobile promises to help you capture smooth and fluid video with your smartphone just like the DJI OSMO (which also has a newer version with zoom, the DJI OSMO+).

To make you an effective smartphone videographer with the OSMO Mobile, you will need to download the OSMO DJI Go App that you will use instead of your smartphone’s default camera app. It will allow you to track a subject, do a livestream with smoother video and even do timelapse.

If you are vlogging and on the move, using the ActiveTrack of the Go App will make the OSMO Mobile continuously face you as move and reporting about an event with you in front of the camera. This is good when you are livestreaming and it makes the viewing experience of your audience better with a stabilised video.

Controlling your smartphone camera in manual mode, you can set the settings such as ISO, shutter speed and white balance at the touch of your finger. With the joystick, you can have even more control of the camera. Speaking of movement control you can operate the OSMO Mobile in Standard, Underslung, Flashlight, and Portrait.

Apart from the timelapse photography, other picture modes that you can do with the OSMO Go App with the OSMO Mobile are the panorama, and long exposure.

Finally, the OSMO Mobile now promises a longer life battery of 4.5 hours of runtime which is much better than the atrocious battery life of the original OSMO that OptimusPrime decided not to purchase it as being on the airsoft field makes the OSMO useless quickly after running out of batteries as it will be hard to find a charging facility especially in outdoor field.

Convinced that this might be a good tool for you on your quest to be next Airsoft YouTube Celebrity like DesertFox Airsoft,  Robo-Airsoft, Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology, or BodgeUps Airsoft? The price of the OSMO Mobile is £289.00 at the DJI Store.  As for spare batteries, you can purchase some at £28.00. If you still have some money left, there are other accessories you can use with it such as the Extension Rod and Tripod Stand.

And if you need some tips, read our story -- “Be The Next Airsoft YouTube Celebrity Using Your Smartphone's Camera.”

Good luck!

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