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Maximum Warrior 4 Starts On October 9

Maximum Warrior 4

If you miss "Top Shot", "Combat Missions" and even "Stars Earn Stripes" Reality TV Shows, take heart that there is one similar coming up next week. Maxim Magazine's Maximum Warrior 4 will start airing the challenges, with the first challenge to be shown on the 9th of October. For Maximum Warrior 4, Blackhawk! is the official sponsor.

According to the organizers, Maximum Warrior calls 10 of the top operators from the different branches of the U.S. Military to put them through 10 challenges which are thrown at them in increasing difficulty. Blackhawk! also throws in three more mini challenges prior to the main challenges: Pistol Combat Reload, Transition Drill, and Thor's Hammer which started last September 30 and you can already watch them online at the Maximum Warrior Website.

For this year's Maximum Warriors, the Marines dominate as 4 of them have been accepted into the competition, followed by three from the Army, two from the Air Force, and one from the Navy. You can speculate which special operations units they come from as the challenge progresses. The average age is around the early 30s with the oldest being 40 years old and the youngest being 25.

As to what challenges they will be going through, we'll find out over the weeks, and we have 10 weeks to wait for each challenge and its winner to be revealed. I am sure that some of you will have their service biases, but still, it’s a level playing field when everything starts with a bang. And for the geardos and Milsim guys, they will look at the loadouts and movements of each operator as they go through the challenges.

We're pretty sure that this event can also give an idea to airsoft event organisers that they can adopt the Maximum Warrior format for airsoft.  If someone does, better send us a message, we're serious about helping nurture such a series."