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AABB 553 Adjustable Red/Green Dot Sight

AABB 553 Fully Adjustable No-Ghost Red/Green Dot (Sand)

Can't get enough of holosights? You can check this AABB replica at RedWolf Airsoft... "553 pattern holo sight; having only hit the Airsoft market a handful of years ago, it has since taken the community by storm. Today, the holosight type of reflex is now a mainstay favourite of many Airsofters.

This model features a high quality reticule (halo with dot) with no ghosting and supports multiple levels of brightness in both green and red. The halo will flash when the scope detects low power. When left idle for 2 hours, it will auto shut off. Adjustable for elevation and windage.

This model is powered by two AAA batteries (included). It attached to a standard accessory via two throw lever QD brackets. This model has a tan coat finish to help colour match with those tan themed weapons."