Airsoft GBB MAC-11 Suppressor Thread Conversion Guide


Fulcrum Airsoft GBB MAC-11 Suppressor Thread Conversion Guide

This is the first of Fulcrum's Project MAC with the WELL MAC-11... "Recently I decided to give my beloved WELL MAC-11 #airsoft GBB a well deserved overhaul. I haven't had much use of this #airsoftgun as it's a really fussy thing when it comes down to the gas efficiency, in the stinking hot it works fine but even if it gets slightly damp, it won't cycle correctly and the range diminishes. To fix the gas problem I've bought some bits, you'll find out soon what they are. But in the meantime I wanted to fit a 14mm CCW suppressor thread to the muzzle as the stock thread is the proprietary MAC thread. This isn't a proper guide so to speak, but I hope that this will be of some use to someone, do this at your own risk!

Hopefully this gun will kick arse after the overhaul is finished. The goal is to have an all-weather reliable, accurate and ferocious machine pistol which will be absolutely lethal within its range."

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