Airsoftology Footage On Airsoft Cheating


Here's a video from Airsoftology on instance of cheating in an airsoft games and you might want to given your opinion at their YouTube Page on the scene that was captured on video. Also another thing why helmet cameras are very useful for scenarios like this...  "What would you have done if this happened to you? Did Jonathan (the guy recording the video) act correctly? Comment below!

Now we'll be the first to admit it: We've all been shot before at a distance or running and didn't feel it (we know we have), or you've shot at someone that you swore you were hitting, and really weren't. But we try VERY hard to make sure we follow all game rules whenever we play.

But, in the days of helmet cams, it's tough to deny real video of a cheater in the act. And that's what we caught on film at a local game.

Now before the field comments begin: The field we shot this at is an awesome place, the owner and refs do an outstanding job and they are good people (and why it shall remain nameless)...but it's impossible for refs to be everywhere.

And that's when cheaters show their true colors.

We're sure that most of you have seen this happen on any given weekend at your local field, and this isn't a call-out video meant to shame the offending player in the video.... We wanted to make this a "what would you do" video so we could have an open conversation about the different types of cheating and unsportsmanlike like behavior.

So, if you were in Jonathan's shoes, what would you have done? Did he do the right thing?"

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