A&K Cybergun FNH M249 Middleweight AEG Snap Shot

OptimusPrime A&K Cybergun FNH M249 Middleweight AEG Snap Shot

There is a lightweight M249 AEG, and there is a middleweight version. In this Snap Shot video from they feature the A&K Cybergun FN Herstal M249 Middleweight AEG that they have available in different colours and variants... "The A&K M249 'Middleweight' series falls in between the Standard M249's and the M249 Featherweight by shedding weight in key areas to reduce each guns weight by several pounds. Middleweight M249's still retain A&K M249 gearboxes keeping them compatible with all A&K M249 compatible gearbox parts. All Middleweight M249's feature a high strength polymer receiver, dust cover, handguard, heat shield and gas block along with aluminum outer barrel, steel carry handle and steel folding bipod."

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