Operation Bad Blood 2022 After Action Report


The Operation Bad Blood series if not the only, is one of the longest running airsoft charity event in the world. It is organised by Moondog Industries and supported by Evike.com, with a portion of the proceeds from the event  donated to the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund). The event took place at the EMR Event Park in Milford, PA last 25-26 June 2022.

X-Trainer: Milspec Mojo & Grim CMV Teach Pistol Draws


Next episode in the X-Trainer series from Evike.com and Elite Force is about pistol draws... "Evike.com and Elite Force is proud to present 'X-Trainer,' an in-depth video series on tactical training where instructors Milspec Mojo and GrimCMV teach you the proper skills and techniques of effective and safe use of firearms using Airsoft.  In Episode 1 of the X-Trainer Series, they will show you how to properly conduct pistol draws."

Evike: Mugen MK46 Chainsaw Zombie Killer Assembly


Coming back is the Mugen MK4 Chainsaw Zombie Killer Kit for the M249 Series. Introduced 7 years ago, installing on the M249 gives more handles to the SAW as seen in chainsaws making it easier to handle when shooting on a standing position. Evike.com puts out an assembly video as they are expecting this to be in stock soon. Now, where are those zombies to use this on?

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