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Evike: ZShot American PTW Mod-0 URX3.1

For Systema Engineering, fans here is a ZShot American PTW Mod0 URX3.1 that you can find right now at the online store... "We know some of you out there have fancied the idea of going all out on an Airsoft Training Weapon and wondered how far you could take it and what it would take to get there. Krytac WarSport GPR-CC got in stock one of the licensed designs from WarSport for airsoft production by Krytac, the Krytac WarSport GPR-CC. This has the Fully licensed aluminum alloy GPR-CC receiver with licensed War Sport trademarks and CNC machined aluminum alloy CPR-CC handguard. Othe features are the 5 position collapsible stock, Krytac low-profile motor grip, Ambidextrous sling plate, Ambidextrous selector switch, and the Krytac 30K motor...

Evike: ZShot x Odin M12 Transformer

The Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder was an innovatve speedloader, but there is a new kid on the block from the same maker, the M12 Transformer. Matt and the crew check it out the ZShot booth during the SHOT Show 2019... "If you thought the M12 Sidewinder broke Airsoft, wait until you hear more about the newly updated M12 Transformer. Check this video out for more details." BOLT B.R.S.S. AEG Series carry the BOLT B.R.S.S AEG Series at their online store. BRSS means the Bolt Recoil Shock System which is a simulated blowback and recoil system for AEGs... "Bolt Airsoft excels in bringing realism to the Electric Airsoft rifle market through their patent pending Bolt Recoil Shock System (B.R.S.S. for short.) Their goal is to combine the advantages AEGs have such as performance, consistency, and reliability with the often sought after recoil impulse from a gas blowback system.

Evike: The Perfect Airsoft Target got their own branded popper targets called the ePopper and available in different colours... "The Aluminum Can practical training target is a new twist on an old target. Derived from the most popular shooting target around, the 12oz aluminum can, we created 'Aluminum Can'; a popper made durable in construction, familiar in size, and practical by design.

Matt vs George With Gunpower's GPR

Finally, after over a decade in the South Korean market, the Gunpower GPR Hit Sensing System for airsoft is getting a serious push in the U.S. airsoft market. Watch's Matt and George go head to head using the system at the SHOT Show 2019... "Matt and George try out Gunpower's GPR BB Recognition Gear Set in an epic 1 Vs 1 Airsoft battle! Also check out some really cool advanced targeting systems made by Gunpower in this video."

Evike: Most Realistic Airsoft FAMAS

Matt and the crew visit the Cybergun booth at the SHOT Show 2019 to find out more about the FAMAS AEG they have as well as other new products... "Wanna check out the newest and most realistic Airsoft FAMAS coming to market? Check out this video!" Specna Arms Rock River Arms

It looks like the U.S. airsoft market will be seeing more of the Specna Arms series. Find out why as Matt of reports from the Specna Arms booth and shows the licensed Rock River Arms EDGE series... "With an exclusive license, advanced gearbox, and an included inline GATE MOSFET, the Specna Arms EDGE Series provides amazing best-bang-for-the-buck value in an AEG. Check out all the features in this video!" ASG CZ Shadow 2 & ICS

Matt of checks out the new ASG CZ Shadow 2 Blowback Pistol and other releases from ASG and ICS at the SHOT Show 2019... "For all of the CZ lovers out there, there's a new CZ Shadow 2 coming your way!  Also, check out the latest design updates to the Scorpion EVO as well as some new GBB Pistols from ICS." At The Elite Force Booth

You probably have watched or read about what the offerings of Elite Force/Umarex USA for 2019 are. But here you get to watch what they are again as the TV crew visits their booth at the SHOT Show 2019... "You've all asked for it, and now it is near... the long awaited Fully Licensed GLOCK G18C FULLY AUTOMATIC GBB Pistol is coming soon. Plus many more GLOCK models and more HK goodness are in this video. Check it out!!"