Evike.com: 9 Rules of Airsoft LiPo Battery Safety


Evike.com lays down 9 rules of Lipo battery safety that you need to take heed in order to maintain them well as well as making them safe to use and store... "Safety is our #1 Priority here at Evike.com.  We'll share as much Airsoft Safety knowledge where we can to help educate the Airsoft Community about taking the proper steps to maximize a fun and safe Airsofting experience for all Players. "

Matrix 10-Piece Ranger Bands Quick Look


If you need a simple cable management tool for your airsoft rifle, you can check this Matrix 10-Piece Ranger Bands available at Evike.com... "You're sneaking up on that pesky sniper that's been holding back your team for 15 minutes. Your helmet cam is on, ready to record your epic kill so that you can become famous on the internet. As you raise your trusty M4, it happens.

EMG Tactical Holster System Quick Look


A quick look video from Evike.com covering the EMG Tactical Holster System. This is comprised of EMG EMG .093 Kydex Holster Mounts and EMG .093 Kydex Holster that can accommodate 1911 GBB Pistols, Hi-Capa GBB Pistols, Archon Type B, Glock 17/19, SAI DS 2011, and the SIG Air M17/M18 GBB Pistols.

ARES MSR303 Quick-Takedown Sniper Rifle Snap Shot


A quick look at the Ares Airsoft MSR303 airsoft sniper rifle by Matt of Evike.com in this snap shot video. When purchased, this comes in a heavy duty polymer carrying case with multiple compartments for each portion of the rifle. It is made of CNC aluminum upper receiver and handguard with modular rail sections.

SOCOM Gear Novak NEXT 1911 GBB Pistol Snap Shot


We get to see again the Socom Gear Novak NEXT 1911 GBB Pistol in this snap shot video from Evike.com. WE Airsoft is the OEM of this GBB pistol and comes with a licensed Novak Logo found on the grip with a Pro-Grip with rubberized thumb rest pre-installed. It has an on frame magazine release and thumb safety with beaver tail plus a built-in professional shooter's rear and front sight, lanyard hook.

Evike Matt's Top 10 AEGs Under $150


You better make a guess which affordable AEGs available at Evike.com have made it to Matt's Top 10 AEGs. All of these are under US$150 so if you're on a tight budget or a beginner airsofter, taking a look at this list can help you make the purchase decision for your hard-earned money.

WARQ Full Face Protection System Quick Look


The WARQ full face protection systems are available at Evike.com now and here is a quick look done by Matt... "Looking for a comfortable, easy to use solution for head, eye, face, and ear protection? Look no further than the WARQ Full Face Helmet System.

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