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Aluminium Loading Muzzle Photos from UAC

UAC - World first ever Aluminium Loading Muzzle for pistol

We have first posted news about this product from UAC last 25 April, and now we get more information... "This is the first aluminium loading nozzle for pistol GBB in the world. It is constructed by precision CNC from aircraft grade 6061 Aluminium. This nozzle is better than those normal plastic upgrade/reinforced nozzle. It can gives a stable, constant and strong blowback to the gun. It give greater confidence and better muscle memory training for IPSC shooters on the recoil since each blowback power is more constant.

As this is made of metal, it sit just fit inside the blowback housing and run smoothly, overcome the bending in shape problem that the plastic one have. This also help to reduce gas consumption. Also, the 'bang' sound it much louder than the plastic nozzle. Lightweight design – just only about 5g more than the plastic nozzle.

UAC Aluminum Loading Nozzle only weighs 8g.

Plastic reinforced loading nozzle weight 3.12g.

Best Regards,

Alvan Lee"