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Black Ops BOA10-22 Grey Woodstock Released

BOA10-22 Grey Woodstock

Carlos Herrera of Black Ops Airsoft Guns took time to send us an email about this custom airsoft sniper rifle that they are releasing today... "The Custom BOA10-22 Grey Woodstock w/ GEMTECH G5 is truly one of the greatest custom rifles in the Airsoft market today. We took a KJW KC-02 and combined it with a beautiful wooden stock designed for a real-steel 10/22. The wooden stock is what makes this rifle stand out amongst the rest.

The hand-conforming thumbhole, thick cheeckrest and rubber buttpad makes this rifle very comfortable to hold. It has been specifically designed to only work in the right handed position. Behind the thumbhole is a large hole designed to keep the stock light. The stock alone weighs only 2.2 pounds! This is ideal for snipers who want to keep light and mobile; a welcoming change to those who are used to large and heavy sniper rifles. Pick up the rifle and you’ll notice it’s light, but rock solid.

We constantly have to convince those who have never seen this rifle that the Custom BOA10-22 Grey Woodstock is not a real firearm. There is railing on the top, bottom and either side of the rifle leaving plenty of space to attach scopes, bipods and other accessories. To complete the look of the rifle, we decided to include a Madbull GEMTECH G5 Barrel Extension. We choose the GEMTECH G5 because it allows you to quickly attach/detach the suppressor onto the flash hider."