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Black Talon Concepts Spector MOSFET

Fox Airsoft Black Talon Concepts Spector Mosfet

Fox Airsoft will be having this MOSFET from Black Talon Concepts very soon... "Having control of your weapon at all times is an important part of handling any gun, especially a real one but what if you could control how the internals of a gun operate and how many rounds you fired with each trigger pull. Does it operate differently when you hold the trigger in full auto vs. a quick trigger pull in full auto? Well, the Spector Mosfet from Black Talon Concepts can do all of that and then some more.

A mosfet basically removes a lot of the mechanical functionality of the electric internals of your gun and replaces them with a series of electronic commands to control the internals with more precision and also regulate the flow of electricity through your circuit with the most efficiency and precision.

Here, Kent shows us a few ways that we can use a mosfet to shorten our trigger pull and trigger response time. The shorter that is, the better because it allows the shooter to move his/her finger the absolute least amount movement and potentially taking you off of your target.

Another piece of functionality of this mosfet unit is the ability to control the rate of fire so you can mimic the real rate of fire of a real gun or perhaps for a special simulation game where the rate of fire is a lot slower. You can also add burst fire to your full auto functionality so that it shoots a number of bbs (3 shot burst, 5 shot burst, 7 shot burst, etc.) Kent here has added the functionality of a 3 shot burst followed by full auto fire when the trigger is held in so if you just do a quick trigger pull, then it will only shoot 3 quick rounds. If you do a long trigger pull it will shoot 3 quick rounds and then begin to shoot full auto when the burst fire is completed."