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Combat Alert 10 & New Arrivals At Gunfire

Gunfire New In 10 August 2018

The massive Polish airsoft event supported by the Ministry of National Defense and sponsored by Specna Arms, Combat Alert 10, got its video showing the highlights of the event now online. Plus, there are new arrivals at the Gunfire online store... "Our team has prepared for you some hot news. Are you curious how did Combat Alert 10 Powered by Specna Arms go? See our latest video coverage of this amazing event. Furthermore, we have prepared for you see a presentation of the new GF Custom Division, which is the MK17 "Scarface" replica. You will find it on the Gunfire TV channel. The last but not least, we have received new deliveries that may interest you. They include protective accessories from Bollé, parts or replicas from Valken and GFC Energy batteries."

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