CZ-75 Full Auto vs. Glock 18 (Real Steel)


TFB CZ-75 Full Auto vs. Glock 18 (Real Steel)

Which full auto pistol would you pick? The Firearrm Blog does a comparison of the CZ-75 Full Auto and Glock 18 handguns... "In this episode of TFBTV, JamesReeves is at the Sellier & Bellot testing lab in the Czech Republic to pit two of the best machine pistols of all time against each other: It’s the CZ-75 Full Auto versus the Glock 18. The CZ-75 came out in 1975, but the full auto version wasn’t released until the 1990s, meaning that they are very rare; there are only 2 in the Czech Republic. The CZ-75 Full Auto is a heavy 40 ounces with a 1,000 rounds per minute cyclical rate. The Glock 18 is the full auto version of the Glock 17. The Glock 18 is reliable, inexpensive, and has a lightning fast 1100 rounds per minute cyclical rate while being a very trim 22 ounces – faster and lighter than the CZ-75 Full Auto. So which one is better?"

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