Evolution Reaper XS EMR PDW With Binary Trigger


Captain Airsoft Evolution Reaper XS EMR PDW With Binary Trigger

Captain Airsoft is happy with the E.T.S. II that is installed in the Evolution International Reaper XS EMR PDW... "Hello Guys! I am back with a brand new replica from Evolution International. An Italian brand that specializes in making their replicas upgraded from stock so that you don't have to upgrade with after market upgrades.

not only that, they do it for a reasonable price. These replicas are still up and coming but I think the price will be around 300 (ish) euros to get your hands on them. An awesome price for such a pristine peace.

Their trigger system is something out of this world for that price tag. You can literally be ready for ANY scenario when you have to E.T.S II in your replica. It's just INCREDIBLE!"

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