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SI Viper PDW Stock Installation

Here is how to install the Viper PDW Stock from Strike Industries. This might need some modifications of installing  on airsoft guns... "The Strike Industries Viper PDW stock represents the pinnacle of ultra compact PDW systems. At the compressed position, the compact Viper PDW allows for effortless maneuverability particularly in close quarters and vehicular operations. With the press of a button, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for greater shot stability.


VFC UK posted notice on Facebook that the VFC Knight's Armament Company Personal Defense Weapon is now available to order again. Interested resellers can contact them now to place their bulk orders... "PDWs are all the rage nowadays, so we thought we'd bring back something a little different, Side Folding stock? 8" barrel? Ultra light and compact?


Valken Alloy PDW At StrikeForce Sports

Bobby Wolves Airsoft gets to have the Valken PDW in action at StrikeForce Sports as Valken Tactical showed up... "StrikeForce Sports in NY had a great day of play last weekend! Valken showed up with TONS of prizes to give away to the players! Had time to meet alot of new airsofters and some older ones who showed me the ropes of this massive CQB paradise!"

Mach Sakai: Golden Eagle KAC PDW

We get to see an airsoft version of the KAC PDW available in Japan in the form of the Golden Eagle KAC PDW. This got KAC markings and comes with a battery box to store an 8.4v Ni-MH Battery. This does not have full metal body, instead it is made of ABS. Mach Sakai checks it for externals, operation, and performance in a steel challenge.

LezzTrooper: Valken Alloy PDW Review

LezzTrooper got to put the Valken Alloy Series PDW to an actual airsoft game for this review... "Last weekend I had the pleasure of testing out my new Alloy PDW from Valken and I have to say, this gun is awesome! As a primarily hi-capa user, I almost never carry a rifle. I find them to be bulky, heavy, and hard to maneuver around tight corners. However, this was not the case with the Alloy PDW. Right out of the box, the gun felt extremely solid.

Airsoft Master: KWA VM4 Ronin 6 PDW

Airsoft Master got in stock the fast seller in the newly released Ronin Series by KWA --- the KWA VM4 Ronin 6 PDW AEG... "The KWA VM4 Ronin 6 PDW features an adjustable FPS from 330FPS at its lowest setting to 380FPS at its highest setting. It has an ambidextrous fire selector switch, PTS Enhanced flip up sights and pistol grip. Comes with full metal body and keymod rail system making it solid to hold.

G&G News: G&G ARP9 Has Arrived

G&G Armament has finally made it official, their G&G ARP9 PDW is now available and being shipped to dealers and resellers worldwide. We saw one in action last weekend and it's sweet... "ver since its debut at Shot Show 2017, people have been talking about the highly anticipated G&G ARP 9 for months. Now, we can finally announce its arrival!

Valken Tactical Alloy Series PDW AEG

Learn more about the Valken Tactical PDW AEG which is part of the Alloy Series released this year... "The Valken Tactical Alloy Series PDW "Personal Defense Weapon" is our most compact variant in our new premiere line of full metal AEG rifles. The durable high quality aluminum alloy bodies are milled to finish and hard coated to create a tough exterior, combined with a mills spec CNC'd free floating KeyMod rail system, and a 1 piece metal lightweight outer barrel.

Hyperdouraku: G&G ARP9 AEG Review

The G&G Armament ARP9 PDW pops up in Japan and Hyperdouraku gets one for a review at this famous airsoft blog. The G&G ARP9 is based in the Colt 9 SMG that uses a 9x19mm ammo, which in this case for airsoft, any compatible 9mm AEG magazine can be used with it. As it is a PDW it is best used in Close Quarters Combat and vehicle borne airsoft.


It looks like that this is a hot seller that before we posted the news about the G&G ARP9 PDW AEG being in stock at WGC Shop, it is now out of stock. So you need to wait for it to be back in stock or if you already ordered one, you can order spare magazines and the Northeast Rider 6 Mock Silencer to spruce it up.