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Fox Airsoft: LCT Airsoft AR-47 AEG

Fox Airsoft: LCT Airsoft AR-47 AEG

Want the best of both worlds or would you hate LCT Airsoft for making such an abomination? Well, here's what Fox Airsoft shows us as Jarrod presents the LCT Airsoft AR-47 which will go into production when they visited Taiwan recently... "What if you like some things about the AR platform but you also like some things about the AR platform? Well, LCT has cooked up this little goodie to get things going for you.

The stock on this beauty looks like an AK stock along with the fore grip which is also an AK piece of furniture.

The upper and lower receivers are AR platform pieces.

Unique Features: Besides the obvious AK meets AR look of it it is pretty much the same great construction that we all know and love from LCT.

Product construction: Stamped steel like all LCTs are.

Suggested uses and applications: It's more of a full length rifle so it is probably best suited for outdoor play since it doesn't even have a foldable or collapsable stock.

Muzzle Velocity: Shoots on the high side of 400 FPS right out of the box.

Rate of Fire: The rate of fire will always vary depending on the battery voltage that you use but this one shot at around 10 rounds per second with a 9.6 volt battery.

Safety Precautions: Nothing out of the ordinary. Just use all standard airsoft common sense.

Things to Note: The rail system of this beauty is your standard picatinny rail.

What comes in the box: We aren;t too sure since it hasn't been released to the market yet."