King Arms FAL & L1A1 Product Updates


An update from King Arms as they have finally refreshed their stock of FAL AEGs and parts for the FAL and L1A1 which there is actually still a good demand in the airsoft market. What they have back in stock are the Carbine AEGs, including the Tactical Carbine with folding stock. Resellers can contact them for bulk orders and delivery.

Item Code: KA-PA-38
Name: FAL/L1A1 Dummy Piston and Spring
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 22g

Item Code: KA-AG-02-C
Name: FAL Carbine AEG (Mid Length FAL)

Item Code: KA-AG-02-TC
Name: FAL Tactical Carbine AEG (Short type FAL)

Item Code: KA-AG-03-C
Name: FAL Carbine Folding Stock AEG (Mid Length FAL)

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