Polenar Tactical: G3 vs FAL Fast Reload


After the AK and AR Fast Reloads, next up for this "Fast Reload Battle" series by Polenar Tactical are the HK G3 and FN FAL rifles... "A quick comparison of emergency reload time between two legendary battle rifles, the FN FAL and H&K G3. There was 1 bullet in the chamber, after firing i had to change the magazine and chamber a new round before making another shot.

Lancer Tactical FAL AEG Overview


After 6 months of non-activity on their YouTube Channel, Airsoft Megastore are now back with a new video and it is an overview of the Lancer Tactical FAL AEG... "Love the SA58 OSW in Battlefield Hardlines? The Lancer Tactical is a compact, full metal rifle with an enlarged hop-up for easier adjusting on the field even with gloves!

King Arms FAL & L1A1 Product Updates


An update from King Arms as they have finally refreshed their stock of FAL AEGs and parts for the FAL and L1A1 which there is actually still a good demand in the airsoft market. What they have back in stock are the Carbine AEGs, including the Tactical Carbine with folding stock. Resellers can contact them for bulk orders and delivery.

Mid-Length KA FAL RAS Folding Stock AEG


We've been getting emails as to where they can get a FAL Carbine AEG and this link to eHobby Asia might satisfy their queries... "This King Arms FAL Carbine Folding Stock is full metal constructed and equipped with scope mount base and RAS handguard. Reinforced gearbox were used. Metal parts like selector, slings and knobs were used to provide better look and texture. Moreover, each AEG carry a unique in serial number so every piece is one of a kind. Package comes with a PEQ-15 battery case and a 90 rounds magazine.

King Arms Facebook Photos Update


King Arms sent gave us a heads-up of new photos they posted at the King Arms Facebook Page. Well, we have heard about the King Arms Carbon Fibre Silencer Series and the photo above shows one installed on what seems to be an MP9. Also, two photos about their King Arms FAL RAS as shown below, their complete FAL RAS AEGs, and their FAL RAS Upgrade.

Lancer Tactical FAL Carbine Review


Jett of Desert Fox Airsoft reviews the Lancer Tactical FAL Carbine AEG. This is a much affordable FAL AEG in the market right now and it's full metal with a functioning charging handle. The handguard is made of polymer and has an initial muzzle velocity of 400+ fps. As for the price, it is below the US$200 mark.

Matrix/QP FAL SA58 OSW AEG Review


This is an interesting AEG under the Matrix/QP brand which gets reviewd by Booligan. I wonder how this stacks up against the Classic Army one... "I wasn't sure what to expect with this replica, as I hadn't seen anything about it on any airsoft websites, but I'm happy to say that it turned out pretty awesome. It's heavy and solid, with no creaks or wobbles to detract from the shooting experience. The side folding stock makes storing it easier, but one handed stock folded shooting is made difficult by the heavy weight.

King Arms FAL Series Is Back


For the FAL fans, this announcement from King Arms should give them peace of mind that the series is still alive... "This King Arms full length FAL is full metal constructed. Reinforced gearbox were used and furnished with detailed imitation gas tube and gas block. Steel parts like selector, slings and knobs were used to provide better look and texture. The fixed stock can store a 3000mAh 8.4V large type battery. With a little modification, a 3000mAh 9.6V large type battery can be fitted.

King Arms FN Herstal FAL Full Length


If you're looking around to find if this is back in stock, you can check at Action Hobbies where they're selling it for £269.99... "FN created what is possibly the classic post-war battle rifle. Formally introduced by its designers Dieudonne Saive and Ernest Vervier in 1951, and produced two years later, it has been described as the Right Arm of the Free World.

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