Koei Tactical Infantry Face Shield


This looks like a very familiar face mask. Anyway, this is under a Japanese company and guaranteed to provide protection to your great looking face up to 650fps and it's made out of high-impact non-toxic polycarbonate. Of course you will need some eye protection to complete the full face protection. This costs US$12.00 at

  • "The perfect mask to complete your mil-sim look while achieve face protections.
  • Ergonomic Design with superb air flow.
  • Low profile design fits most helmet and goggles.
  • Made out of light weight high impact non-toxic polycarbonate.
  • Combine with safety goggle to achieve comfortable full face protection.
  • Able to with-stand up to 650 FPS bb impact at standard distance.

Weight: 90 gram
Manufacture: KOEI. Designed in Japan.
Available in: Black, OD, Tan"

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