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LCT Airsoft AK47 Pistol and New Parts for AKs and Galils

LCT Airsoft

As sent in by Filou Chen of LCT Airsoft yesterday. They have an upcoming AEG which is an AK47 Pistol that will try to match all those M4 Patriot pistols out there and even the MAEGs and AEPs. Would be great for CQB games if you are an AK47 fan. Other new items are parts and accessories for the AK47 such as a PK- 81  SAW Style AK Pistol Grip, a Galil Bolt Carrier, AK Selector switch, and an AKS74U plastic handguard.

PK- 81  SAW Style AK Pistol Grip

PK-82 GALIL Bolt carrier

PK-83 AK47 selection

PK-84 AKS74U Plastics Hand Guard (BK)