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Leigh Batson Appointed UKAPU Midlands Rep

UKAPU Leigh Batson

UKAPU as they work for airsoft players in the UK represented at the regional level, have annou ced that they have appointed Leigh Batson as regional representative for the Midlands. We remember Leigh very well, as she was part of the Delta Team that won the Forces Freedom Tournament during the National Airsoft Festival 2017. Press release below:

We are pleased to announce the latest member of the UKAPU committee, Leigh Batson.

Leigh will be taking on the role of regional representative for the Midlands and will be the main point of contact for dealing with issues and queries from UKAPU members in that area.

New Regional Rep For The Midlands

We hope all UKAPU members will make her feel welcome!

Now to hand over to Leigh herself…

“I joined the world of Airsoft in 2015, originally as a photographer for my partner but, after shooting some of his airsoft guns I became really attached and brought my own, a G19 springer from the market. I only needed to practise until I could afford my pride and joy, a custom internal MP5K AEG PDW variant.

I loved the game for the pure friendship everyone showed each other, both on and off the field. It gave me a way to spend some more time with my partner and to understand a sport I’d never really heard of until then.

Fast forward to now and I am the proud owner of Task Force Stalker Airsoft, based primarily in Leighton Buzzard. I am also the team captain for Bedfordshire in the Inter-County Airsoft Competition.

I volunteered to become part of the UKAPU because it meant I could actually make a difference in the sport and to be a part of something much bigger and more influential within the Airsoft community.

I can’t wait to get stuck in to helping the UKAPU and its members. And as a female airsoft player, showing other girls that airsoft isn’t just for the boys.”