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Longest Range Airsoft Sniper Shot

Simon Jr. Sniper of Taiwan Longest Range Airsoft Sniper Shot

Who achieved the longest distance shot with an airsoft sniper? We do not know as there was no recorded attempt. But here is one made by Simon Jr. Sniper of Taiwan. Using a Custom Silverback Airsoft SRS-A1 22", he was able to reach beyond 100 metres if what is the target plate is true, then it is 130 metres. Do you know of anyone who shoots further? Here are more details of the shot:


Caliber: 6mm BB
Barrel Length: 590mm
MZ Velocity:  186m/s (0.2g)
MZ Energy: 4.4Joule (0.48g)
Scope: Discovery 4-16x50 FFP
Bipod: Harris M3
Weight:  5kg


  • Bushnell LMSS 8-40x60 Tactical Spotting Scope
  • Vortex Razor HD 16-48x Spotting Scope

Environment Info.

Shooting Direction: From NNE to SSW
Target Distance: 130 meters
Temperature: 33 degree
Humidity: 69%
Wind: WSW 5~10 Km/hr

Trajectory Info.

BB Travel Time: ~3.0 seconds
Elevation: 30+ MRAD
Retained Speed: ~18m/s