New Griffin Armament DUAL-LOK HRT-762 Suppressor


Griffin Armament DUAL-LOK HRT-762 Suppressor

A quick presentation of the newly released Griffin Armament DUAL-LOK HRT-762 Suppressor... "When Griffin Armament designed the HRT-556™ for elite Hostage Rescue Team units, the goal was to deliver a compact, highly durable, low flash, and top performing suppressor utilizing the new DUAL-LOK™ active retention system, an often time-demanded feature by government customers. Griffin is proud to now complete the HRT lineup with the HRT-762™. This suppressor fleshes out the HRT lineup by providing .30cal capability to the commercial market, maintaining the developments of the HRT-556™.

The HRT-762™ features the patent-pending DUAL-LOK™ mounting system, an accurate, robust, reliable, and wear free system with robust muzzle device support. The suppressor itself was designed to have minimal flash signature, despite its size, minimal weight, minimal POI shift, minimal gas blowback, maximum strength, durability, and sound performance. This was a tough list of performance attributes to tackle, but Griffin succeeded by bringing unbeatable sound suppression and flash reduction to this compact suppressor.

Baffle technology is carried over and tuned from the 4th generation Recce Suppressors, borrowing the ECO-FLOW™ patented feature that greatly increases performance. ECO-FLOW™ baffles reduce back-pressure, promoting flow, thus making the suppressor host firearm operating system more reliable, unaffected by the suppressor, and providing cleaner breathing air to the operator’s face. The patented low profile flash suppressing end cap further adds performance to the low flash baffle system.

Check out the HRT-762™ and other DUAL-LOK™ suppressors on the Griffin Armament website!"

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