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Venture Shop QGK Desert Eagle Springer Pistols

Affordable airsoft sidearms, the QGK Desert Eagle Spring-powered pistols are in stock at Venture Shop in Brazil... "That item you've been waiting for has arrived! Spring Desert Eagle BK 6.0mm Airsoft Pistol , the guarantee of fun for your weekend, with an excellent cost benefit. Only here, at VentureShop .

This gun is from the QGK brand and has very similar details to the original model and is a well-respected and well-known brand in the airsoft and airsoft gun market and products in the most diverse areas. Its highlight is the resistance, durability, excellence and quality that its products present.

Manual action, to cock, you must pull the charge handle until the end, then just pull the trigger and because it is an airsoft spring pistol, it does not have an automatic firing system, only Single Shot - or single shot, is the designation used for weapons that contain only a single round of ammunition and must be reloaded after each shot and/or the respective action mechanism has been designed to do so. Equipment with great finish and resistance and is suitable for beginners in shooting.

The Spring Desert Eagle BK 6.0mm Airsoft Airsoft Pistol is a model with Spring action (spring) where it is essential to move the slide backwards before pressing the trigger to make the shots. All made of polymer , which helps in lightness and makes it less tiring during games, operations and missions.

It has an amazing design with a textured finish on the hand grip, having a light non-slip finish, which gives a very comfortable grip without leaks and much safer.

Since it is activated by manual repetition, you will not need batteries, nor batteries, and you will have greater practicality and freedom during matches.

With incredible performance , this is a 6mm caliber gun and its speed can reach 232 FPS with 0.12g bbs."

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