Desert Eagle V2 Gel Blaster At TacToys


A look at the Desert Eagle V2 Gel Blaster available at Tac Toys... "The Desert eagle has still remained such a popular blaster due to being such a simple, well built, affordable entry range blaster, providing a great introduction into hobby or a reliable sidearm. The desert eagle is built from a high quality nylon shell, metal pistol grips, simulated blowback and a great rate of fire.

USAirsoft: Custom $500 Airsoft Desert Eagle


What do you get for spending US$500 to customise an airsoft Desert Eagle GBB pistol? Ross of the XE Airsoft Team tells what he got in this USAirsoft video... "Ross of the XE Airsoft Team runs down what makes his $500 Airsoft Desert Eagle special

Ross's Modification List:

A US$7,000 Airsoft Pistol?


Got cash to burn on a NT$200,000/US$7,000 airsoft pistol? Watch this video from Jeff The Kid... "This time I'm going to introduce the Desert Eagle produced by Cybergun with WE as OEM, but the original Desert Eagle is not the focus of this introduction, but the Desert Eagle steel kit, which is worth nearly 200,000 Taiwan dollars.

Airsoft Armoury: KWC UZI & Cybergun Desert Eagle


Danish airsoft retailer Airsoft Armoury shows a compact airsoft machine pistol and the hand cannon that they have in stock... "In this showcase, Gustav has found a couple of Israeli classics. Namely Mini Uzi and Desert Eagle. Will we soon have him here in a pink polo with white leather shoes? Who knows..."

Cybergun Desert Eagle Licensed L6 .50AE GBB Pistol At


Whether a Deadpool-themed "Maximum Effort", black, or silver one, the Cybergun Desert Eagle Licensed L6 .50AE GBB Pistol is in stock at "Let's face the facts, in today's day and age contrary to popular belief, size matters; it matters a lot. When your average pea-shooters just aren't scratching that itch and you desire a big, powerful, solid beast of a cannon then the Desert Eagle is just what you have been waiting for.

Airsoft Klub: Cybergun Desert Eagle GBB Pistol


Another look at the fully licensed and hefty hand cannon for airsoft, the Cybergun Desert Eagle GBB Pistol as presented  by Airsoft Klub. This is a CO2 powered GBB pistol with adjustable hop-up unit that gives a strong recoil when fired. It's got all the licensed markings and realistic stripping mechanism. Package comes with speedloader, magazine, and allen key apart from the pistol.

Deadpool Custom Desert Eagle At Bomb Up Airsoft


Licensed Desert Eagle GBB Pistol from Cybergun and made by WE that is given a Deadpool paintjob is available at Bomb Up Airsoft... "This IMI Desert Eagle custom Deadpool is a powerful Semi-automatic pistol designed by Israel Military Industries and redesigned by Magnum Research Inc, of the United States of America.

This is a 1:1 Ratio realistic gas blowback airsoft pistol that has been made by WE Airsoft and licensed by Cybergun.

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