X-Force Tactical: HFC Desert Eagle GBB Gel Blaster


X-Force Tactical gives us a good look of the HFC Desert Eagle GBB Gel Blaster that is available for Aussies... "The Desert Eagle is a model which has not had much attention over the years; probably due to Tokyo Marui making such an outstanding replica of it already that no one had needed bother… until now. In usual HFC fashion, this replica offers exactly the same experience as the TM Desert Eagle at a fraction of the price.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE Chrome GBB


Shiny objects attract the eyes and for the eyes of Timerzanov Airsoft, it is the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE Chrome Gas Blowbaack Pistol... "Hi there ! Welcome to this new video, today I present to you the Desert Eagle .50AE from Tokyo Marui. A replica lent to me by Vinc from Gearbox Custom Airsoft. Good video to all !

Academy Desert Eagle AEP


An entry level Academy Desert Eagle AEP gets a quick look by Gae Bong Soon in this video... "Today, I reviewed the Academy's newest Desert Eagle Airsoft Gun. I was able to confirm that it was improved a lot compared to the existing LH9-MK2. I think the price is 3,000 won. However, the single shot is still a pity. Still, I highly recommend it for beginners.

Fixing & Upgrading The WE Desert Eagle GBB Pistol


Happy's Airsoft got a video for owners of the WE Airsoft's hand cannon, the WE Desert Eagle GBB Pistol, showing how to fix and upgrade it... "This video will show you how to replace a broken nozzle, as well as how to replace the inner barrel and bucking in your WE desert eagle! This will only apply to the WE version though. Working on a TM or a KWC will be different."

BB2K Airsoft: Cybergun Desert Eagle XIX L6 Magnum Research


It's the turn of Bruce of BB2K Airsoft to give his take on the Cybergun Desert Eagle XIX L6 Magnum Research GBB pistol that is being featured by European airsoft Youtubers in their reviews... "The Desert Eagle is a true icon in the world of weapons. It can't really be used for anything, but it's still a cult weapon and everyone would like to own one. How does it come about?

Marudeca Advertising HQ Episode 50: Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE


The Marudeca Advertising HQ duo of Deka and Irodori Mayoi have reached their 50th episode milestone and they celebrate it with the discussion of the first airsoft Desert Eagle GBB Pistol, the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE Gas Blowback Pistol... "Marudeca Advertising Headquarters has reached 50 episodes!

This time, we will introduce the gas blowback 'Desert Eagle .50AE', which is a model of a large .50 caliber pistol for the '50th' episode."

DTW Airsoft: WE Desert Eagle .50AE GBB


We're seeing more reviews of the fully licensed Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Pistol with DTW Airsoft one the more recent reviewers and here is his take on this big bad pistol... "This time i'm looking at a full metal desert eagle licenced by cybergun and made by WE-Tech. This airsoft desert eagle is not only built like a tank but also feels like it weighs the same.

WE Desert Eagle L6 GBB Pistol Full Review


Happy's Airsoft does a 2-part review of the WE Desert Eagle L6 GBB Pistol that is also sold under Cybergun's brand. Second part includes a full take down... "A big, long review of the WE Desert Eagle. I have always been a huge fan of this huge gun. I've owned several in the past and it's time I revisit it once more!"

Cybergun Desert Eagle L6 Full Auto Co2 Unboxing


Airsoft Mike unboxes the Cybergun Desert Eagle L6 Full Auto Co2 hand cannon in this video. Made by KWC, it has a heavy metal slide and barrel, adjustable hop-up, and a gas magazine which has a 21-BB round capacity. It has semi and full auto fire modes to make your wrist strain. This is available at most reputable airsoft retailers.

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