Setting Up Gate Aster On The RWA BAD556 AEG


Orga Airsoft Setting Up Gate Aster On The RWA BAD556 AEG

The RWA BAD556 comes equipped with the Gate Electronics Aster MOSFET and is available at Orga Airoft where they show you how to set it up in this video... "RWA (Redwolf Airsoft) BAD556 electric gun that is the distributor in Japan at ORGA AIRSOFT! By default, this product is equipped with a GATE ECU, a so-called electronic trigger, which allows you to change the combination of shooting modes and the behavior during bursts. In this video, I will explain how to change the settings on the BAD556 electric gun body! As mentioned in the video, detailed settings can be made by linking with an external terminal (PC or smartphone) application, but I think that you can see the GATE website for that.

Click here for the official manual page of GATE ASTER."

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