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Venture Shop Specna Arms SA-E09 EDGE AEG

Venture Shop in Brazil goes over the Specna Arms SA-E09 EDGE AEG that the have available in Black and Two-tone colour schemes... "The Airsoft Rifle AEG M4 Carbine Long Keymod SA-E09 Black from Specna Arms , from the EDGE line, that combines a set of solutions and technologies difficult to find in other weapons on the market. Once out of the box, you get equipment that doesn't require any modifications, however, if necessary, they will be extremely simple.

The Specna Arms is a very recognized brand within the universe airsoft. Very strong in the international market. With years of experience in the market and thousands of satisfied users who confirm the high quality of the products.

The Rifle SA-E09 is a longer weapon, ideal for those who play as a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), with the real weight of a fire rig. Furthermore, it is more robust, heavier and more resistant than the others. It will definitely surprise you!

All black model , making it much more sophisticated and without losing the aggressiveness that the weapon needs.

The handguard has a fuller, more energetic look. It will definitely surprise you! In addition, it comes in the Keymod system and 2 more rails that can be removed and relocated as you prefer! If you have standard keymod accessories, there is no need for the rails, you can attach directly to the weapon, making it lighter.

Its 22mm Picatinny rail is great for attaching accessories such as red-dots and scopes and modular system, allowing you to screw your gear directly into the gun, without the need for additional rails.

The flash hider in metal in red, brings much more elegance, respects the rules of legal Airsoft, always with the orange/red tip required by law, to differentiate Airsoft models from real models, just remembering that its thread pattern is of 14mm CCW counterclockwise.

Retractable stock , for added comfort for the shooter!

The Gearbox in standard V2, from the Orion line, is made of metal , ensuring greater efficiency so it doesn't get damaged during your airsoft start and also provides a superior level of trigger response. In addition, if you want to upgrade your Specna in the future, this Gearbox is already prepared to receive springs up to M140, without any need for adaptation. However, if the buyer wants to make this exchange, the VentureShop together with Specna Arms, advises you to look for a professional gunsmith, to avoid damage to your equipment.

This model has a quick spring withdrawal system, known as ESA System (Easy Spring Access) , so there will be no need to remove your entire Gearbox, with just a screwdriver, you will have agility when changing the spring, if you want to adjust the speed of your shot.

This rifle comes with a fully textured front grip that comes with the handguard model, that is, it doesn't need a rail to use it, providing greater ergonomics and better grip, very simple to put on and take off. Thinking about it, it also comes with an ambidextrous zarelho to fix your bandolier more easily.

The great advantage of this rifle is that the handle and sight mass is foldable, adjustable and removable, perfect for you to adapt according to your preference.

The Rifle SA-C09 has two firing modes, namely: semi-automatic mode, firings are fired at each pressure of the trigger. And the automatic that has continuous firing while you have your finger on the trigger, remembering that it is not advisable to hold it for more than 3 seconds. To adjust, just activate the selector switch that is located on the side of your weapon, on the left side, where you will find, along with the shooting modes, the safe mode or safety lock, which ensures that your weapon will not fire accidentally .

Longer 6.03mm precision barrel, which combined with the hop-up, brings a performance above the level of others!

It features Hop-Up New Generation (known as pro-Win)! Adjust the range and accuracy of your shots without complexity . This adjustment, according to your need, can make your BB go down, go up or even make your range be bigger , reaching an incredible speed of 380 FPS!

Magazine Mid-Cap , with a high capacity for 125 BBs and that will allow for greater resourcefulness during your matches.

This model also comes with a rod for cleaning your AEG, an extremely necessary equipment for the maintenance of your weapon.

Another point to be highlighted is that it has the mosfet already installed at the factory. The response time decreases, the firing rate increases and your battery and electrical internals will be protected from the wear caused by the electrical contacts, in other words, the useful life of your equipment increases considerably!

To prove and prove the extreme quality, Specna Arms, performs all the necessary tests to guarantee the best product on the market. To validate, your weapon is sent with a holographic seal and a quality certificate on the packaging, containing all the information carried out during the sampling, including the serial number, which is individual!

If you want an excellent quality equipment, this is the best option and with the best cost-benefit.

The VentureShop ensures products very high standard and features that no brand brings, we are synonymous with excellence and unquestionable quality!"

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