USAirsoft: An Airsoft Gun In Mountain Dew For A Week


USAirsoft An Airsoft Gun In Mountain Dew For A Week

Well, that will be one sticky, sugar coated airsoft gun. But will it work again? USAirsoft got this video for you... "So can a tub of Mountain Dew dissolve an Airsoft Gun? Probably not but will it work after a whole week in that tub? For 7 days USAirsoft left a G&G Armament CMF16 Combat Machine in a disgusting mess of Mountain Dew soda just to see if it would work and the results were surprising. Will the talented techs at Umbrella Armory be able to fix our Dew-Machine?

Will @DesertFoxAirsoft drink the tub of brown Mountain Dew after we're done?

Time to find out!"

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