USAirsoft: Tanaka PM63/WZ63 RAK


USAirsoft: Tanaka PM63/WZ63 RAK

USAirsoft get his hands on what he says to be the weirdest airsoft he gun he has seen during his visit to Japan last year, the rare Tanaka PM63/WZ63 RAK... "The Tanaka PM63 or WZ63 has become a legendary piece of airsoft history, that is if you even know about its existence or even the PM63's existence. You can call this unique, rare, classic, weird, or anything else like that, you'd be right.

This is a 30 year old Tanaka Gas Blowback with a shelf life.

I think this piece is deserving of more attention so enjoy this brief video thanks to @comradequicheairsoft (Instagram) who showed us around his and thanks to SS Airsoft who made our trip to SoCal possible so we could see something like this in the first place."

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