USAirsoft: TOP 7 Unique Airsoft Loadouts


USAirsoft: TOP 7 Unique Airsoft Loadouts

Another round of unique airsoft loadouts from USAirsoft as selected by his subscribers and for this episode, 7 loadouts have been selected... "Any day is a good day for an Airsoft Tops Series episode and for today's rendition we bring you just 7 Unique Airsoft Loadouts from all around the world!

I'm talking World War 1 loadouts, an SCP Foundation loadout, Cowboys, Juggernauts, and even a beautiful Metal Gear Solid 2 kit that you just have to see along with our one of a kind top spot holder!

This is the Airsoft Countdown show where 100s of players and collectors submit for the top spot, so let's see what kind of airsoft kits make the show. Something tactical? Something historical? You never know."

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