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VFC APO ASW338LM Precision Sniper Rifle


The ASG ladies surely can get your attention during the IWA event in Germany. But perhaps you might be more interested in the rifle they're holding, which we are sure you have read from grapevine. Now, Vega Force Company (VFC) will definitely be coming out this year the Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) ASW338LM precision sniper rifle system which airsoft sniper rifles are waiting for.

The design will be faithful to the original, and will be VSR-10 compatible, which means you can upgrade this with some of the upgrade parts coming from the PDI-Japan. Though we cannot say yet if this will be compatible to some vendors' AW338 parts such as Ares/Star. One thing that this is coming to a reality is even if it was demoe'd somewhere, but once it's officially posted at the VFC website, it means production version is already nearing. Now, if they just hurry up the pipeline and release the other GBB-R models they have in the works.

To whet your appetites further, here's a video fo the ASW338LM made by APO: