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Wanna Try the Hellfire Paintball BBs?

Hellfire 6mm Paintball BBs 02

Another product in the market that aims to shatter, and quite literally, the fears about paintball or marker BBs clogging up inner barrels or damaging airsoft guns or still give you the worst time of cleaning up the internals. The Hellfire Paintball BBs, which you can get at RedWolf Airsoft are available in white, green and blue colours... "6mm paintballs, for use in Airsoft weapons, they shatter on contact to mark the impact site.

Paintball BBs have existed before but classically they have had trouble with remaining intact inside the weapon. Often they woud break prior to leaving the barrel and foul the interior; even worse, some would break almost instantly fouling the hop-up unit.

From Hellfire, these paintballs are the toughest of their kind we have ever seen. In you hands, they are almost impossible to pop; with thin but hard plastic shells, they handle almost exactly like normal BBs. When shot out of a gun, they never break inside the weapon but they will shatter on contact.

Available in three colors; the blue is dark which is good for contrast on light surfaces but not so much on dark surfaces, the white is virtually invisible on light surfaces but good on dark ones. The green one is roughly mid-tier being visible on both light and dark surfaces but not quite as well as the other two at the price of being able to contrast against almost anything."