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Will Airsoft Get Banned In The USA?

Airsoftology: Tougher Gun Control Laws = Airsoft Banned in the USA?

With calls for tougher gun laws in the USA to prevent mass shootings such as those happening to in schools, will airsoft get banned if ever these laws really become reality? Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology talks about this and other topics in this Q&A Mondays episode.

"Tippmann Mail Call

1:31 - Are impression loadouts ( kits) required at 'Lite' Milsim events?
3:12 - Correction from last week on radio required licenses.
4:57 - Can I use CO2 in my Green Gas airsoft replicas?
7:18 - Could gun control laws affect airsoft, and even possibly make it illegal?

Code Red headsets Video of the Week: 10:57 - MY FIRST TIME on a HELICOPTER slinging plastic!!! (wild)"