Wood Case For TTI STI Combat Master 2011


BB2K Airsoft Wood Case For TTI STI Combat Master 2011

For John Wick fans who already bought the TTI STI Combat Master 2011 either the real deal or the airsoft version, here is a wood case to place such pistol as presented by Bruce of BB2K Airsoft... "The airsoft version of the STI / Taran Tactical Innovation (TTI) Combat Master 2011 is already a highlight for every John Wick fan. With the Flintlock Custom Workshop Wood Case Set, this airsoft beauty is now stored according to the standard.

The scope of delivery includes two gold coins, a key card from the Hotel Continental, a notepad and a John Wick pencil, which is not only for writing :-). The wood case is made for the EMG and the Army Armament Combat Master JW3. Additionally the wooden box also offers space for a Microtech Ultratech knife. As it is prohibited in some countries Octagon Airsoft also offers a suitable Retractable comb knife."

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24 Jun 2021

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