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SB 798 Passed In California Senate. Goes To Assembly Vote

SOS On California SB 798

Dr. Airsoft reported that SB 798 has passed in the California Senate 21-16. This means that it has passed the hurdle and goes into the Assembly for a vote. It goes closer to becoming an official amendment to the Penalty Code which will make it mandatory for replica firearms to be featuring bright or translucent colors, and violations thereof would result into severe penalties.

So what does this mean? Clearly, for the US airsoft community to further intensify their campaign efforts to block such bill before it becomes an official California policy. Since it has hurdled the California Senate, the chances for it becomes even more brighter, and for the California airsoft community even bleaker.

If you are in California, or in the USA in general, and this issue affects you, it is very much imperative to show your opposition to SB 798.

You can contribute to the campaign against SB 798 by going to this page "US Airsoft Industry Against California SB 798" where it has a compilation of all the ways you can help in the campaign. The information there have been provide by the US Airsoft Industry so you can have similar talking points to tell your representative in California.

To further motivate you further, here are more videos of companies and airsoft people voicing out their opposition. Time to act now, and don't allow SB 798 get the Governor's signature as official policy in the State of California.