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SHOT Show 2014 Day 3: JRAK, SRU, H&K, Airsoft Innovations, & Hyperdouraku

Airsoft Medicine SHOT Show 2014 JRAK Airsoft M4 Electric Blowback Rifles

Going through the videos posted by the Airsoft Media during the SHOT Show 2014, we can now say that the following airsoft companies were present for this year: Cybergun through Palco and Spartan Imports, Umarex/Elite Force, Action Sport Games (ASG), KWA, ICS, G&G Armament, Airsoft Innovations, PTS Syndicate and the newly announced KRISS Arms airsoft venture called Krytac which we wrote about yesterday. If we haven't mentioned some, our apologies and we would appreciate it if you can send us information about them.

There is new company about to introduce their own line of airsoft guns in the U.S. Airsoft market. With Rangemaster Larry holding the microphone for Airsoft Medicine, he interviews Jonathan Chen of JRAK Industries. Formed in 2013 and based in San Jose, California, JRAK presently distributes the Puff Dino Green Gas and a licensee of ATEI LLC.  They plan to release their own line of JRAK AEGs that come with their electric blowback and recoil functions. Their AEGs would be welcome so as to have more companies offering AEGs that have the recoil feedback which only three companies provide right now: Tokyo Marui (NEG), KWA (ERG), and Bolt Airsoft (BRSS).

Jonathan explains that what they have on display are preview models and they will be releasing the JRAK AEGs in four months' time to all major airsoft resellers in the USA.

It seems also that JRAK Industries is a distributor of Strike Recon Union (SRU) products which they show in videos taken by the Airsoft Medicine crew. SRU is the Taiwan-based company that has ultra modern designs for airsoft pistols and rifles such as their pistol slides with floating rail systems.

Rangemaster Larry is back at the Airsoft Innovations booth to discuss with Carlton Chong the latest release of the company: the Oil Pump. The last video with Airsoft Innovations yesterday, Carlton discussed his Shotgun proof of concept which can shoot 16 BBs per shell and will be in an M870 design, as compared to the latest release from APS which is the CAM870 which has a max of 12 BBs per shell.

Now on to some interesting bits into the real steel part of the SHOT Show 2014…

The Firearm Blog was able to bag an interview with the president of Heckler & Koch USA, Wayne Weber, and they discussed a lot of the firearms in production at H&K and which of these will be made available in the civilian market. You can learn more in the audio interview:

Furthermore, The Firearm Blog has more photos of Heckler & Koch products which you can view at their blog. We know that many airsoft players are fans of H&K  and the mere proof is that most of the airsoft gun models which are finalists in the 4th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards are H&K models, especially the HK416!

Whilst we are now more into recoil and blowback AEGs nowadays, we are looking to forward to Tokyo Marui announcing their HK417 New Generation AEG. We are just guessing here, so don't take it seriously though we wouldn't mind Tokyo Marui taking a hint.

Hyperdouraku took some good photos of Smith & Wesson pistols on display and the already released Arsenal AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol. The latter attracted a lot of whistles when it was first revealed in 2012. He also gets to visit the KWA booth to check the MP7A1 in tan and their upcoming releases.

We want to write about Tactical Gear from the SHOT Show and we're looking forward to the Airsoft Media at the show to start featuring them on the fourth and final day. We hope they get to read this small request.