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Tachyon Is A Weapon Mounted Computer For Airsoft Guns Now On Indiegogo

Tachyon Indieogogo

If you remember about a gun mounted computer for the FN F2000 AEG that I wrote about last April, it will soon become available for other rail mounted airsoft guns as its developer has decided to raise funds on Indiegogo.

Calling it the Tachyon, Martin Hrehor, also known as Delta129 on Reddit, has already raised the required funding for the project, and the first kits, if on time, will soon be delivered this month. Even if all the perks have been sold out, Hrehor says that he will still be making the Tachyon as long as there is demand. If you want an airsoft gun computer, then you probably would like to own a Tachyon.

So, what does the Tachyon offer? Well, if you like to have a high-tech looking airsoft gun just like those you see in sci-fi movies or video games, then you will like the Tachon as it has the following features:

  1. Ammo Counter
  2. Battery Indicator
  3. Clock
  4. Customizable such as the colour scheme other settings

Too bad it won’t be able to make coffee for you, but you can play around with it, if you are familiar with Arduino and can program it. It is an open source thing so with a USB interface, you can modify the whole Tachyon to suit your needs or even expand on its features. With a simple I2C expansion bus, you can add more features and Hrehor intends to add GPS and a magnetic compass module in the future.

You can mount on any airsoft gun that has a Picatinny rail, which most airsoft guns nowadays have. Even if you use a gas blowback rifle, Tachyon can be  powered externally with a battery. An infrared sensor is attach at the front end of the barrel, which means you will have to remove the flash hider or mock suppressor. You can mount the Tachyon’s IR sensor without the need of a thread.

As Hrehor prepares to deliver the Indiegogo orders, you can contact him at the page how you can place an order. You may have to wait more as the priority are the backers who snapped up the perks on Indiegogo. But as long as there are other airsoft players ordering, then you will have the chance to own one.