Acetech AC6000BT MKIII Exclusive Edition Review


It's the turn of Timerzanov Airsoft to try the Acetech AC6000BT MKIII Exclusive Edition if it is a good chrono for airsoft players and game site owners to have... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of a new product from Acetech, so this is the first time that I offer you the review of a chronograph. So today I present to you the AC6000BT MKIII model in its Exclusive Edition version. So good or bad product?

Acetech AC6000 MKIII BT Exclusive Edition Chrono Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft finds the Acetech AC6000 MKIII BT Exclusive Edition Chrono to be a nice upgrade after he unboxes it. The gun performance can be optimized accurately with the help of a high-visibility display screen, simple controls, and intuitive menus. The device also features a warning for energy limitation and allows users to access information on their mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Custom Chronograph CMEE BCX100 Project


JonnieZG gives us an overview of the Custom Chronograph CMEE BCX100 which he built himself... "One of my first airsoft projects that turned out to be my most valuable tool in servicing my airsoft replicas. It works great even with pellet guns and other cold-launched projectiles.

Beside being very accurate it provides useful statistical analysis such as standard deviation. You can also contact to it wirelessly by a smartphone or a PC to get a detailed report.

AP Arms' Xcortech X310 Chrono Review


AP Arms reviews the pocket-sized chrono, the Xcortech X310. If you are thinking that is like a GoPro in size, then you are not wrong. With the size it is easier to carry around  and if you're game marshal, then this is handy to bring when doing on the spot checks. It haas most of the features of the bigger chronos.

Geonox Airsoft: Acetech Blaster & AC6000BT Chrono


It's a chrono and tracer unit from Acetech that Geonox Airsoft gets to review in this video... "Here we look at the Blaster Tracer and the AC6000BT Chrono from Acetech. What is special about the Blaster Tracer are its 3 modes. There is the normal tracer function. Then there are the simulated flames. And the third mode is Tracer plus Flames.

The AC6000BT is easy to use. The readings are accurate and you can connect the whole thing to your cell phone via Bluetooth."

Valken Airsoft Bluetooth Chronograph


How about that? Valken Airsoft got their own Bluetooth-ready Chrono... "The Valken Bluetooth airsoft chronograph is the ultimate high-tech tool for teching, tuning and safety! Powered by a rechargeable battery (with included charging cable), this compact yet powerful airsoft chronograph unit mounts easily to an included mini-tripod for convenient use anywhere and includes a bluetooth connection to a free Android or iOS app!

Are Airsoft Chronographs Accurate?


That's the question that 4UAD Smart Airsoft will try to answer in this video. We highly recommend that our readers watch this channel as it tackles airsoft questions straight on and properly... "How many bb does a stock AEG fire in a second and does faster rate of fire result in faster trigger response? also why do people upgrade their guns to get higher rate of fire? Most importantly do chronograph actually correct in RPS?

RedWolf Airsoft: The Poor Man's Chronograph


This article is already 20 years old, nevertheless RedWolf Airsoft reposts this article on using a Coke Can for a Poor Man's Chronograph if there is no chronograph available to use... "Not everyone can afford a chronograph to test how much juice their favorite airsoft pistol or AEG has. Even after lots of modifications you wonder how much velocity you're really getting. Well you don't necessarily need to dish out several hundred dollars for a chronograph. In most cases, a simple soda can is all you need to gauge those major power milestones.

Surplus Store On Airsoft Chrono


Surplus Store UK blogs about airsoft chrono machines which should be good for beginners and for veterans who may need a refresher course on Airsoft 101... "A vital accessory that is often overlooked by many new players, a chronograph (chrono) is an essential part of every players’ arsenal. Often, when starting out, it can be easy to put off buying one of these guys as sites will often have one you can use; or your local store will have one out the back. Either way, it can be easy to neglect the need to pick one up for yourself.

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