"Smoothest Airsoft GBB Sidearm Ever?"


ICS has been putting out gas blowback pistols for its Black Leopard Eye (BLE) line over the years and its latest release is the ICS BLE Vulture GBB Pistol. This has the REVO.II High Performance Valve System with adjustable trigger, fixed Barrel,  steel-made fire control system components that are TM compatible, and  SUS301 Stainless Steel Searing Spring.

Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GBB Compared To The AR-15


Gas blowback rifles mimic the operations of their real world counterparts but. Will the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GBB Rifle be the same? Airsoft-RUS does a comparison to find out the differences between the gas blowback replica and the AR-15... "Tokyo Marui is one of the earliest ever manufacturer and developer of airsoft weapons.

Airsoft Headquarters: Elite Force M9 Overview


Airsoft Headquarters got CO2-powered M9 airsoft pistols from Elite Force to go over in this video... "The Elite Force M9 CO2 pistols have been on the market for a couple years and Im surprised that we havent had more videos made on these! Licensed by Umarex, the M9 has 2 different models available on the airsoft market; M92A1 and the M9A3. Both fully licensed! Not to be confused with the steel BB model also from Umarex.

KWA LM4D LE GBB Review By Mode Charlie


Mode Charlie reviews the KWA LM4D LE Gas Blowback Rifle and says that this is the best GBB for those who are about to start using GBBRs... "I've been playing airsoft with the KWA LM4D LE for long enough now at a mix of outdoor, woodland, urban and indoor CQB sites that I can wholeheartedly recommend it as the BEST GBBR for anyone looking to make the move from an AEG."

Raptor Airsoft MP443 Grach V3 GBB Pistol Review


L'Antre Du Dingo goes over the Raptor Airsoft MP443 Grach V3 GBB Pistol which should be available at most reputable airsoft retailers in Europe. Based on the Russian MP-433 Grach Pistol, the standard-issue sidearm in the military, this comes with a Green Gas magazine and CO2 magazines may be available for it too. With the version 3, this is an upgraded model and with a rail available as an extra.

FCW Dedicated Gas Drum Magazine For TM MWS Review


Inoue Airsoft checks out the FCS Gas Drum Magazine designed for the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB Rifle from Octagonn Airsoft... "I got the FCW (Octagon Airsoft) Tokyo Marui (TM) GBB MWS drum magazine (400rds drum magazine) that was just released the other day, so I made a video! It looks very real and has enough performance, so it is a highly recommended item.

GHK AUG A2 GBB First Impressions & Gameplay


Total Recall Airsoft says tha tthe GHK Aug A2 Gas Blowback Bullpup is one incredible GBBR. Find out in the video why... "Hey guys! In this video, I'm briefly discussing my experiences so far with the GHK AUG A2 Gas Blow Back Rifle. As you'll see in the video, the AUG is a really special gun for me and I just couldn't wait to kit up in Auscam and take her out to a skirm! Keep in mind this is only a 'first impressions' video and not a full review.

Pheas Airsoft: WE F226 Full Metal GBB Pistol


An unboxing and review of the airsoft version of the SIG P226 handgun by the WE Airsoft, the WE F226 GBB Pistol, as done by Pheas Airsoft... "In this video I am unboxing a brand new WE F226 Rail version. This is a full metal gas blow back pistol from WE.

Many thanks to my friend for letting me make use of this to unbox!"

Landing Zone HK: BCM Air MCMR GBB By VFC


A quick overview of the VFC BCM AIR MCMR Gas Blowback Rifle by Landzing Zone HK. This is an official licensed product that features an 11.5" Outer Barrel, Ambi Charging Handl, Steel Fire Control System, Guide Hop-Up System, Steel CNC Bolt, and a 30-BB Round Gas Magazine... "This segment brought to you by Landing Zone HK, introducing the latest product by VFC - BCMAIR MCMR GBB."

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