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Gas Blowback

WE/Cybergun Thompson GBB In Stock

That didn't take long. Crown Airsoft sent in news quickly that the new Cybergun/WE Thompson M1A1 Gas Blowback Rifle is now in stock at their online store. Price is US$278.00, shipping costs not included.

Thompson M1A1 GBB On Pre-Order

Crown Airsoft are now taking pre-orders for licensed Thompson M1A1 Gas Blowback Rifle. Should be a nice one to add to your growing Holiday shopping list. ETA is around mid-December 2017...

The Most BEAUTIFUL Airsoft Pistol Ever?!

Find out why AirsoftTech23 considers the EMG/Salient Arms International 2011 DS Airsoft Training Weapon one of the most beautiful airsoft pistols... "The Most BEAUTIFUL Airsoft Pistol Ever?!?!: This thing is a true beauty! One of my all-time favorites! Thanks again to Evike for sending it out to me!"

LAS TM Hi-Capa 5.1 Vigilante Custom

Another exclusive online release from Laylax. The LAS Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Hi-CAPA 5.1 inch Vigilante Custom is only limited to five sets and can be ordered online. It comes with several upgrade parts as well as as a Satellite Gun Case for you to carry it around and safely store at home.

A&K M249 Gas Blowback Quick Video

With the upcoming A&K M249 Gas Blowback on display at the recently concluded MOA Exhibition 2017, the company released a quick peek video on Facebook.... "Hey Guys, long time no see. We had been arrival to Taipei and joined MOA exhibition. Also, this year we are developing the M249 GBB. The First Automatic Gas Blow Back Machine Gun.

Bear Paw SVU GBB Bullpup Sniper Rifle

We already posted photos of the upcoming Bear Paw SVU GBB Bullpup Sniper Rifle here. This rifle was on display during the MOA Exhibit 2017 in Taiwan last weekend. WGC Shop were there as well and took time to take a video of it. Not much details yet but for those longing for SVU GBB, your dreams are finally coming true. Just cross you fingers that it will get produced and released.

Northeast Airsoft Sten Gas Blowback Demo

Northeast Airsoft finally released their video of their upcoming Sten Gas Blowback working prototype in action. We'll have a video on this posted on our YoutTube Channel after the MOA Exhibition... "It's a great appreciation that you guys are interesrted in our product,  the Northeast Airsoft Sten Mk.2 GBB gas blowback. Here is a running test with 3D print components via H134a gas.

Rare Arms SR-762 GBBR At eHobby Asia

eHobby Asia posted on Facebook details on the Rare Arms SR-726 Shell Ejecting Gas Blowback Rifle that they have in stock... "Not to be confused with the same named real steel Ruger SR-762, the Rare Arms SR-762 is in fact still the KAC SR-25 E2 carbine in a modernized configuration with the M-pul style stock and URX 3.1 rail installed.

Northeast Airsoft Sten Gas Blowback

One of the attractions at the ongoing MOA Exhibition is the product unveiled by Northeast Airsoft. Eddie of CRW Airsoft from Hong Kong checks it out. It's hard not to miss it as it's the entrance of the Exhibit beside the big VFC booth. We'll be checking it out too this week. For the meantime here is Eddie.

Airsoft Mike: B&W BW17 GBB Pistol

Airsoft Mike checks out a Marui-spec gas blowback pistol in the form of the B&W B17 (G17) Gas Blowback Pistol... "Today I unbox the all new B&W BW17 Glock inspired Airsoft sidearm! Sent over from the awesome people at JK Army! Join me in this unboxing as I take a look at the latest G type Airsoft sidearm, to join the G collection!"