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Gas Blowback

Umarex/VFC H&K USP At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop got in stock the fully licensed Umarex H&K USP Gas Blowback Pistol made by VFC... "First full size USP 9mm model with fully authorized markings, and all appearance realistic structure, the VFC USP is a perfect replica in process and material. All details like coating, surface finishing, anti-skid Textured Surface, realistic firing pin and loaded-chamber indicator were base on real.

Realistic Operation and Action

Umarex/VFC H&K USP At WGC Shop

WGC Shop now got in stock the fully licensed H&K USP GBB Pistol from Umarex OEM by VFC... "First full size USP 9mm model with fully authorized markings, and all appearance realistic structure, the VFC USP is a perfect replica in process and material.

RWTV: Bear Paw Production SVU GBBR

We get to see the upcoming Bear Paw Production SVU Gas Blowback Rifle as Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) has one on his hands in this Facebook video... "Bear Paw Production's new product just arrived RWHQ. This is the SVU GBBR. This will make its way to IWA 2018 at the RWA Booth as well!"

Marui M45A1 CQB 23 February Release

Tokyo Marui gives notice that they will be releasing the M45A1 CQB Gas Blowback Pistol on the 23rd of February 2018. The following is a rough translation from Japanese... "In the beginning of 2000, the US Marine Corps adopted a new hand gun that replaces the MEU pistol. That is the Colt Company's 'M45A1 CQB Pistol.' 

RWTV: PTS EBB & GBB Rifles SHOT 2018

PTS Syndicate got a bunch of goodies for airsoft players to look into, especially their electric blowback and gas blowback airsoft rifles that are fully licensed from certain firearms companies. RedWolf Airsoft TV checks them out, including the accessories and upgrades they have... "As well as an abundance of rails and other accessories, PTS spoil us with their EBBR and GBBR!"

TM Compatible GBB Pistol Magazines

It's everything about Tokyo Marui-Compatible Pistol Gas Magazines for this episode of the SpeedSim Series of Gun Gamers as they discuss their experiences... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Amy discuss their adventures of using various TM compatible GBB pistol magazines, and which ones they find to work the best."

FF KAC-Style Trigger Guard TM M4 GBB

An external upgrade part for the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle has been released by Laylax under the First Factory brand. The First Factory KAC-Style Trigger Guard is made of aluminium alloy and steel and is compatible with the following Marui M4 GBBs: M4A1 MWS, CQB-R Block 1, and the M4A1 Carbine.

PTS Mega Arms MML Maten Barrel Nut Key

PTS Syndicate send in news that they will be releasing a A Barrel Nut Key specifically for PTS Mega Arms MML Maten GBBR... "This product is made from durable steel alloy with a black oxidized finish, thus perfect for maintenance of the PTS Mega Arms MML Maten GBBR. It helps to assemble/disassemble the inner & outer barrel with the upper receiver of the Maten GBBR. However, this barrel nut key cannot apply to the PTS Mega Arms MKM/MML-AR15 (GBBR).

More On The GHK 553 GBB Rifle

Here is a longer preview of the upcoming GHK 553 Gas Blowback Rifle as presented by Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft. Of course, you get to know the tigerstripe jacket that he's wearing too... "Want a better look at the one and ONLY GHK 553 GBBR? Our presenter Marck has you covered! Stay tuned to RWTV for a more in-depth sneak peek coming soon!"

Umarex HK416 A5 GBBs At Landwarrior Airsoft

Good news to UK-based players waiting for the Umarex HK416 A5 GBB Rifle. Both the Black and RAL8000 are in stock at Landwarrior Airsoft. If you are eyeing the RAL8000 which is a distinct colour scheme in use for H&K rifles this year, better snap it up as that is always in demand... "We have just received shipment of the new Umarex HK416 A5 gas blowback rifles in both black and RAL8000 (or tan, you'll be forgiven for thinking!).