Mach Sakai Revisits The Maruzen MP5K Charger GBB


Having reviewed this 8 years ago, Mach Sakai goes back to check the Maruzen MP5K Charger GBB. Much like many Japanese airsoft guns, it prioritizes lightweight construction with a main body of ABS plastic. However, for durability, key components like the flash hider, magazine, and front sight are crafted from metal.

This SMG delivers a realistic blowback experience with every shot. On full-auto mode, the 30-round magazine lets loose a rapid stream of BBs, perfect for close-quarters combat simulation.

G&G Armament MGCR 556 GBB Rifle Test


Redmantoys Airsoft, located in the Philippines, has recently conducted a test on the G&G Armament MGCR 556 gas blowback rifle, a product they offer in their store. This rifle, which is G&G Armament's first-ever full gas blowback series, boasts a durable full metal construction. It features an aluminum bolt that enhances gas efficiency and cycling speed. The rifle comes pre-upgraded with a trigger, hammer, and sear.

FE/Army Armament R601 HPA GBB Pistol


Frog Engineering got an HPA-powered gas blowback pistol to show to you. The Army Armamanent R601 TTI is a realistic replica pistol made mostly of metal with a green gas blowback system that simulates firing for a lifelike experience. This Army Armament airsoft gun features improved grip texture, sights, safety levers, and a Picatinny rail for customization, all while offering good performance with an adjustable hop-up and a magazine capacity of 28 rounds.

English Airgunner Tests The EMG Helios Noveske N4 MWS Gen 3 GBB


English Airgunner likes the EMG Helios Noveske N4 MWS Gen 3 Gas Blowback Rifle after testing and checking its internals. As it uses the Marui MWS system which is unlike the standard gas M4 systems uses a short-travel roller hammer to reduce wear on the bolt, hammer, and valve knocker. It also features a steel bolt lock plate to prevent common issues like bolt stop wear and accidental unlocking on the last round.

KWA F90 vs KWA Tavor SAR 21


A comparison of bullpup GBBs made by KWA in this video by the Middle Aged Gamer... "In this video we compare Kwa's older system to there new and improved internals to see witch is better. has there QC improved over pass efforts?, is it more Accurate now?, were about to find out!"

Timerzanov Airsoft: Cybergun FN Herstal FNS-9 GBB Pistol


The fully licensed Cybergun FN Herstal FNS-9 gas blowback pistol gets reviewed by Timerzanov Airsoft... "Hello everyone ! In this video I invite you to discover or rather rediscover a replica released a few years ago. This time I'm focusing on the FNH FNS-9 from Cybergun manufactured in collaboration with VFC under license FN Herstal.

This full metal replica of the FNS-9 has an excellent kick. Anyway, enjo the video everyone!

E&L Airsoft T191 GBBR Game Test


Chairman Cat gets to bring the E&L T191 gas blowback rifle to test how it performs in a game. This limited edition (1200 pieces) rifle is the first gas blowback model from E&L and a faithful replica of the new Chinese service rifle, the QBZ-191. The ELT191 is HPA or CO2 powered, has ambidextrous controls (except charging handle and bolt release), uses variable capacity magazines (31 or 120 rounds), and features rails for adding accessories.

Elite Force Smith & Wesson MP9C Unboxing


PewDieRy Airsoft gets to unbox the licensed Elite Force Smith & Wesson MP9C compact gas blowback pistol in this video... "Welcome to our unboxing video of the Elite Force and Smith & Wesson MP 9C Compact airsoft pistol! In this video, we’ll be giving you a detailed look at what’s inside the box of this impressive airsoft replica. Stay tuned for our upcoming full review where we’ll dive deeper into its performance and features.

Gambit's Guide: The RWA Ronin Pistol


Learn how to properly setup and use the RWA Ronin Pistol as RWTV's Gambit got this guide made for owners of this latest collaboration product by RWA, Ronin Tactics, Syndicate, Lone Wolf Arms and Agency Arms. This is an upgrade to the EXA model with a sleek design and features a CNC aluminum slide, stainless steel outer barrel, an adjustable trigger, and a textured grip for improved control, all without the need for customization.

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