Vorsk VMP1 GBB Machine Pistol & VX-14 Requiem Edition At IWA 2023


At the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023, Tom of Vorsk/Nuprol presents to us the upcoming Vorsk VMP1 GBB Machine Pistol that many in the UK are anticipating its release which is expected in the latter half of April 2023 and should give the compact/SMG GBBs such as the MP7s, Uzis, and MP9s stiff competition. He also shows to us the VX-14 Requiem Edition Gas Blowback which we like for its sleek and elegant design.

King Arms Black Rain Ordnance GBB PCC & Lancer Systems L5 Carbon Fibre AEG


At the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023, Guang Su of King Arms walked us through the various features of the fully licensed Black Rain Ordnance GBB PCC series  which boasts of good blowback mechanism as well as CNC'd one-piece outer barrel, steel Black Rain Ordnance Hexagonal Competition Compensator, and CNC'd M-LOK slim handguard. It also has an adjustable 30 to 50 round BB capacity gas magazine.



One of the "cuties" in airsoft, the KWA M11A1 MAC 11 NS2 GBB SMG gets reviewed by The Regular Sandwich.  Powered by Green Gas, it is mainly made of Polymer and has a wired retractable stock. For a such a small but rapid firing GBB, it comes with a 48-BB round gas magazine which easily gets emptied if you go rock and roll in full auto.

Jeff The Kid's Action Army AAP-01C Gas Blowback Pistol Review


Jeff The Kid takes a shot the compact Action Army AAP-01C Gas Blowback Pistol in this video review and gives some insights on this recent release... "From the first introduction of the Action Army AAP-01 to the present, the AAP-01 can be regarded as the pistol that appeared on my channel most times. And at the beginning of this year, Action Army follows on from the success of AAP-01 and a successor version was launched  --- that is the AAP-01C.

G&G ARP9 3.0, FAR Series, TGM R5 ETU, SGR556 & MGCR GBB At IWA 2023


Ryan of G&G Armament explains the new products that airsoft players can expect from the company this year during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany. The first one is he G&G ARP9 3.0, the third iteration of this famous ARP9 AEG series and this one features the CHFS or the Conductive Hinge Folding Stock with the wiring already integrated into the sealed reinforced Nylon Fibre Polyme Hinge and maintains power whatever the position of the folding stock.

VFC MP5 GBB V2 MP5A3 FBI HRT Configuration


Tales of Gear continues with the various configurations of the VFC MP5 Gas Blowback SMG with the MP5A3 configuration used by the FBI HRT... "Follow-up video on the MP5A3. A simple swap of the handguard with a custom made one makes all the difference. Even better when there are ref.pictures of such an setup in use."

Action Army AAP-01 Disassembly/Reassembly Guide By Jaeger Precision


For new owners of the popular Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback pistol, they can follow this takedownn guide by Jaeger Precision for mainternance and repair purposes... "A guide on how to take apart and put back together the Action Army AAP-01. There is a full guide that will be uploaded to the channel for upgrades, maintenance and modification."

KLI 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol Review


Nico Joule Airsoft takes a look at another 1911 GBB Pistol, this time from the KLI brand... "I would like to introduce you to my next airsoft review, which is about the "KLI 1911" airsoft pistol, as a gas blow-back version, operated with gas. The pistol is also made of full metal."

Snake Industries Action Army AAP-01 TAKA KIT


We have seen airsoft players mod their Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol to look like a cordless drill gun. If you want variety, how about modding it as a Nail Gun? Ahjae TV takes a look at the Snake Industries Nail Gun Kit for Action Army AAP01 GBB Pistol Series that does not require any modding to install.

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