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Gas Blowback

AirsoftTech23: G&G GPM1911 Pistol Review

AirsoftTech23 goes over the G&G GPM1911 Gas Blowback Pistol. This also uses that rotating gas valve design that was first seen in the G&G GPM92 Gas Blowback Pistol. This has G&G markings and comes with a 25-round magazine. It also has an advanced safety release valve and is powered by Green Gas.

RWTV: Tokyo Marui Type 89 JGSDF GBB

Marck West has in hands the new Tokyo Marui Type 89 JGSDF Gas Blowback Rifle for this RWTV episode. This is now available at the RedWolf Airsoft online store... "Its not ANOTHER M4and its something NEW from Tokyo Marui, is this new challenger to the GBBR throne?"

SPEED Performance Triggers For Hi-Capa

SPEED Airsoft annouce A good line of SPEED ball bearing performance Triggers for the Hi-Capa gives pistol shooters choices for competitive shooting... "SPEED Airsoft has just released a new line of competition triggers for the TM Hi-Capa and 1911 compatible series of GBB pistols that include some very custom machined features.

Breanna Noble Tries The Airsoft Glock 19

Competitive Shooter Breanna Noble tries the airsoft Glock 19. She focus on the NSSF Rimfire Steel Challenge having placed fourth in the World Championship in 2014 and 2015. The Airsoft Glock 19 is fully licensed by Umarex and is under the Elite Force brand in the USA. Find tou what she thinks about the pistol in this Umarex USA video.

Reapers Airsoft: VFC Umarex HK45 GBB

A comprehensive review of the Umarex Heckley & Koch HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol by Reapers Airsoft. OEM by VFC it has an adjustable hop-up and has an inner barrel length of 105mm. A hefty pistol at 870g it has a magazine with 24-BB round capacity. This is not the tactical version as it does not come with a thread to attach a suppressor.

G&G GPM1911 Pistol Now Available

Announced last year, the GPM1911 Gas Blowback Pistol from G&G is now available... "The new GPM1911 features our patent-pending whirl cylinder valve. It reduces the cylinder's frost accumulation by having a high-speed rotation. The GPM1911 is a green gas pistol with a metal slide. Included with the pistol are one magazine, speed loader, and a hardcover case.

Now in stock. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability today."

WE G26 GBB Pistol At Crown Airsoft

The compact G26 Gas Blowback Pistol from WE Airsoft is in stock at Crown Airsoft. With semi and full auto shooting modes it has an initial muzzle velocity of 300fps and comes with a magazine that has a capacity of 14 rounds. It can be powered with 134a or Green Gas.

VFC KAC SR16 M4 GBBR Released

Vega Force Company (VFC) announce the release of the VFC KAC SR-16 M4 Gas Blowback Rifle. You have the option of getting either the retractable stock or fixed stock version... "Legendary Icon - KAC SR16 M4 GBBR is released! Today's SR-16 series rifles are still being optimized and improved by the KAC, while the VFC GBBR version SR-16 M4 is built with an classic first model, with 14.5" barrel, RIS handguard, and a A2 type fixed stock, to take you back to the original grand occasion these years!

Airsoft Mike: ASG KWA MP9 A3 GBB

This out of the box review by Airsoft Mike covers the ASG MP9 A3 Gas Blowback made by KWA. This uses the NS2 gas system with Green Gas and comes with a 48-round magazine and folding stock... "It's the Airsoft version of the B&T MP9 by KWA! Join me as I unbox and put it through my usual tests and questioning eye!"

Albert.W. Model 01P GBB Pistol Review

With the Tokyo Marui Albert.W.Model 01P Gas Blowback Pistol now out, Hyperdouraku got one of the first units out for a review... "The Albert. W. Model 01 P introduced this time as the mass production model of 'Samurai Edge <Albert. W. Model 01>' is derived from the model used by STARS's first captain, Albert Wesker.