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Gas Blowback

VFC VR16 RIS II GBBR 2017 Edition

SAT & Gaming Airsoft got information on the upcoming 2017 edition of the VFC VR16 RIS II GBBR... "FINALLY!! WORLD SCOOP receives the VFC's GBBR Version II version 2017. An awesome replica not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for its technical specifications that are really excellent! If you want to remember please record VFCday on 8 October 2017."

Booligan: AW Double Barrel Hi-Capa

Better prepare that vomit bucket if you are already nauseated with these double barrel airsoft pistols coming into the market. Booligan Airsoft and Shooting Sports reviews the Armorer Works Custom Double Barrel Airsoft Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol. In stock at, it is available in black or two-tone colour.


Good news for owners of the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle! The RA-Tech NPAS Kit is now available for it. The NPAS, once installed allows to adjust the FPS of the rifle to meet site limits. Good for those who need to increase or decrease power in quick way so you'll be within the allowed limits.

18Airsoft: WELL AK74U CO2 GBB Rifle

18Airsoft announce that the WELL AK74U C02/GBB Rifle is back in stock. This rifle is an Open Bolt System with choices of having a Faux Wood handguard and stock, full metal receiver and cover, real steel style trigger group, and has already an integrated side rail to mount scope mount for optics. Spare magazines are also available for purchase.

Airsoftology: G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol

Airsoftology asks if the G&G GMP92 Gas Blowback Pistol is ushering in a new era for gas blowback pistols? The first question will always be, "does it introduce something revolutionary?" or to put it mildly, a leap in innovation for airsoft gas blowback pistols? Find out in the video below:

Ace1arms F-Style Slide Sets At WGC Shop

WGC Shop got in stock this week the F-Style Slide Sets from Ace1arms... "Dear high end G style custom airsoft pistol enthusiasts, we just got them in stock, a range of super combo with mock up silencer and tactical/ competition looking slide, they are superb, get them in one time purchase, don't hesitate"

SRU SRQ AR GBB Advanced Kit

You might want to give your airsoft AR a more distinct look with this SRU SRQ AR Advanced Kit. Available in OD Green and Black, it comes with a Sniper Stock for GBB version and a One-Piece Front grip. This kit can fit Marui/WE/KSC/GHK/Viper AR Gas Blowback Rifles and you can order it for US$99, a drop from the original price of US$120.00.

5KU Skeletonised GBB Grips At 18Airsoft

Another 5KU product for you to consider in building your own custom M4 Gas Blowback Rifle. The 5KU CNC'd Skeletonised Grip for Gas Blowback is now in stock at 18Airsoft. Available in black, red, and blue colours, these are made for M4 GBBs for obvious reasons. These do not have grip panels like the 5KU CNC'd Modular Pistol Grip with the Knurl Texture. If you want a more lightweight rifle, then you might want get this.

Bunny Workshop: WE Double Barrel Makarov

Another double barrel gas blowback from WE Airsoft as they decided to double the barrelsa good number of their airsoft pistols. The WE Double Barrel Makarov GBB is available at Bunny Workshop and is full metal. The safety lever is in the slid and comes with a double 16-round gas magazine. Now we just wait for them to make a double barrel airsoft M4 if they plan on doing it.

Complete Guide To GBB Upgrades Parts 2 & 3

The Complete Guide To GBB Upgrades Parts 2 and 3 by TopHatRunner Airsoft are available to view online. The second part deals with increasing and decreasing the power of the GBB pistol. That tip will help you meet game site requirements whilst the third part is which many of you would be interested in improving the accuracy. If you missed the first part, it was about magazines and springs.