Fox Airsoft: 3 Gas Pistols For Under $100


Take a look at 3 gas pistols from Umarex that are under the US$100 price at Fox Airsoft... "Today we'll look at some pistols from Umarex for under $100. These will be partial blowback. What is that in comparison to a traditional (full) gas blowback airsoft pistol? What are the pros and cons to these?"

SHOT Show 2019 Top 5 New Handguns


James of The Firearm Blog makes his choice of the top 5 new handguns that he saw at the SHOT Show 2019... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves discusses his top 5 favorite handguns from SHOT Show 2019. There were a lot of good ones to choose from, but in this episode, we have something old, something(s) new, something Kel-Tec, and something blued. Do you agree with his picks?"

DesertFox Airsoft: I'll Never Reload Again


DesertFox Airsoft goes into action at the AirsoftCon 2018 with all the pistols that he can fit in his plate carrier... "I'll Never Reload Again: Elite Force Glock 17, EMG SAI BLUE, Echo 1 Timberwolf, AW Customs HX2201, Elite Force PPQ and Elite Force Glock 19 airsoft handguns.

10 Spring-Powered Airsoft Pistols Review


Airsoft Station does a blazing fast review of 10 spring-powered airsoft pistols done in under 10 minutes... "Looking for a reliable and budget-friendly pistol to introduce yourself or someone else to the world of airsoft? Spring-powered airsoft pistols are a great way to get started due to their low cost and no need for maintenance. We here at Airsoft Station offer a wide variety of spring-powered pistols in an even wider range of styles and price points.

Gun Gamers On High End Airsoft Handguns


Is there a lack of high end (read: expensive) airsoft pistols in the market? Well, there are prized ones that are either in a collection such those from Inokatsu, or highly customised ones from the Airsoft Surgeon or practical shooters. But how about high end ones that airsoft players would bring to the field and shoot? Gun Gamers talk about this with The BB Warrior as special guest...

3D Printed Parts For WE G Series


Taktik Airsoft announce that they are now producting 3D-printed parts for the WE Airsoft G (Glock-style) series. If you are looking for a part for your WE G pistol, they might just have it for you... "Presentation of our new 3D parts for WeTech G series mags. They are now available on the website."

Max Cherepenin's Top 5 Airsoft Pistols


Max Cherepenin starts the new year on his YouTube Channel listing his Top 5 airsoft pistols. Does he and many of you share the same taste? Watch the video... "Happy New Year! 2018! Thank you all for viewing my videos and subscribing in 2017. Lets start of the year right with the first video of the new year! Hope you enjoy!"

Frank's Real & Airsoft Competition Pistols


In this Airsoft GI Uncut, Frank shows his real and airsoft competition pistol. Can you guess which one is the real one and the airsoft one without if you put the video on mute? Will it be hard to tell or easy? Watch the video on mute to find out... "Sorry this first episode is so long! Tell us if you like us telling our stories!"

TFB: Top 5 Single Stack 9mm Handguns


Time for some real world firearm lesson as The Firearm Blog TV shows us their top 5 single stack 9mm handguns... "In this episode of TFBTV, James takes up his favorite subject again – concealable 9mm pistols.

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