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RA-Tech Real Wood Stock For WE M14 GBB

Owners of the WE Airsoft M14 Gas Blowback Rifle can check this new item release from RA-Tech. It is an integrated full wood stock, allowing you to replace the faux wood that comes with the WE package, giving your M14 GBB a more realistic look and feel. Besides that, having the real wood feel with your airsoft M14 makes it better to hold. The Most Evil AEG

Find out what is the most evil AEG according to Matt in this video... "Greetings, Evildoers!  On this very special day, I, Bane, present to you the most EVIL AEG in existence!  The 6mmProShop M14 EBR, or better known as the Evil Black Rifle.  The perfect AEG for any evil villain."

Gunfire Instant Video: M14 EBR Bullpup

Here's another custom work from the GF Custom Division available at Gunfire, the M14 EBR Bullpup... "GF Custom Division is an idea born in the heads of the Gunfire airsoft team. We want to offer you the highest-quality replicas modified and configured by our team using the best, tested parts and accessories. No element of the replica is there for no reason - these are exactly the kind of configurations that we would like to use in the field.

CYMA M14 EBR AEG Flecktarn Paint Job

Legionitalia tells how he customised his CYMA M14 EBR AEG applying a Flecktarn camo pattern as  a paint job... "I got this in an Evike Mystery Box a little while ago. I was unimpressed with the weight as a DMR or whatever it was built for. I decided to turn it into a BB hosing LMG (for which it is definitely better suited for). First things first was to "Un-Silver" the Replica, and address a pretty serious chassis alignment issue.

REAPERs Airsoft: Project CYMA M14

Here is a year long project by Reapers Airsoft on customising a CYMA M14 AEG. The AEG by itself is already a good performer out of the box, just next to the Tokyo Marui M14 AEG, but that didn't hinder Reapers Airsoft to further improve it such tuning, MOSFET fit, and adding a real wood kit to it. This is a two part video and better turn in your language caption as this is in German.

RWTV: Tokyo Marui M14 Family

One of the AEGs in the Tokyo Marui lineup that we want updated is the M14, though it looks like developing a recoil and blowback M14 AEG is going to be tough. Marck West checks out the Marui M14 line, a good line of AEGs that can outrange other AEGs in this Blast From The Past episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV... "This week Marck looks at the TM M14 family, how do they stack up to the new kids on the block?"

Mach Sakai: G&G M14 EBR Review

Mach Sakai got one the admired M14 EBR AEGs in the market, the G&G Armament M14 EBR. This AEG is available in short and long versions with different colours to choose from. This AEG has licensed SAGE markings, an initial muzzle velocity of 330fps (this one though meets Japanese limits which is 0.98 joules) and comes with a 40 round magazine. Mach Sakai, as always, checks it for accuracy and performance.

RA-Tech M14 Stock Adaptor Prototype

If you an M14 Gas Blowback rifle lying around somewhere, better dust it up so you can prepare to make it ready to accept other stocks. RA-Tech released a video showing their prototype M14 stock adaptor that comes with provisions from QD sling attachments as well as allow you to install a different stock. This will fit the M14 GBB from WE Airsoft.

RA-Tech M14 QD Sling Swivel Adaptor

WE Airsoft M14 airsoft rifle owners, do not despair if third party parts and accessories have forgotten about you as RA-Tech got a new product that you will welcome. Simple but handy enough, the RA-Tech QD Sling Adapter for the WE Airsoft M14 rifle has been announced so better check with your retailer when they are going to have it in stock. Learn more about it in this RA-Tech video:

Evike [The Gun Corner]: CYMA M14 DMR Series

In this episode of's "The Gun Corner" they go over the the CYMA M14 DMR AEGs. In our experience, if you are looking for a good performing M14 AEG that is affordable and widely available, then the CYMA M14 AEGs are always recommended and they are available in different flavours, from the full size M14 to the SOCOM 16, to the M14 EBR and to the version with the DMR stock as shown in this video.