Echo1 USA M14 AEG Gameplay


Video from Fox Airsoft showing the M14 AEG from Echo1 USA in action... "I picked up this Echo1 M14 for myself because I wanted that old school vibe. This is going to be a review/overview of this and the M14 platform in general. Also peep the gameplay, which is something I don't record too often.

CYMA M14 Review & Shooting Range Test


Mr. Basic does a review and shooting test to check the range of a favoured M14 AEG, the CYMA M14. It is still the next best M14 AEG in the market that is a clone of the Marui version... "A review and range test of my first airsoft gun that got me into the sport 14 years ago! Come check out this BASIC nonsense review of the CYMA M14."

CYMA M14 AEG Review By Timerzanov Airsoft


The CYMA M14 AEG is said to be the best clone of the Tokyo Marui M14 AEG. Timerzanov Airsoft checks it out if it remains to be true... "The M14 is an assault rifle created to replace the M1 Garand, considered obsolete after World War II. Innovations included full automatic firing as well as a magazine replacing blade-magazines.

WE M14 Springfield Armory GBB Rifle


Jeff The Kid reminds us of the existence of M14 gas blowback rifle made by WE Airsoft in this video... "I believe that this M14 from WE must have caused quite a sensation when it first went on the market. Even today, the popularity of this M14 is still very strong.

Airsoft Alfonse M14 EBR AEG Gameplay


It's the heavy M14 EBR AEG that Airsoft Alfonse brought to the game in this video... "The M14 from MW2 is hands down my favorite DMR! Getting to play with it in Airsoft is just as fun!

Pew Pew Device - Stock Echo1 M14 Combat Master EBR - 330 FPS with .20G bb 1.2 J with .32G bb

Field - Paintball Explosion, East Dundee, IL Hosted by MIR Tactical."

RA-TECH Custom WE M14 GBB LV 3


WE Airsoft has the only gas blowback M14 rifles in the airsoft market and RA-Tech it brings it to the next level with the RA-TECH Custom WE M14 GBB LV 3. The custom parts are upgrades my RA-Tech and if you have money to burn then be prepared to shell out US$1,097.80 and it looks like shipping is not included in the price.

How To Make A CYMA M14 AEG Look More Authentic


Military Bushcraft Ireland shows how you can do it in this video, especially for owners of the CYMA M14 AEG and this probably goes also for owners of Tokyo Marui M14 AEG as the CYMA version is a clone of it... "This video explains how I made my CYMA M14 airsoft replica more authentic looking. It now looks parkerised and has a walnut colour stock."

Custom CYMA CM032 M14 DMR AEG Review


Fulcrum shows his custom CYMA CM032 M14 DMR AEG which can hit targets at 90 metres with 0.45g BBs... "In this airsoft review I finally show off my beloved Custom CYMA CM032 M14 DMR AEG build, probably the most dangerous gun in my arsenal due to its outrageous range and lethal accuracy!

TFB: Is The M14 Rifle Obsolete?


A big rifle that is one of the preferred DMRs, the M14 rifle is rarely talked about these days, real steel and airsoft, so is it obsolete? The Firearm Blog TV got an episode cover this rifle... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews a Springfield M1A rifle and asks the question “is the M14 (or M1A) rifle obsolete?”.

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