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New G&G Armament G2H 100r Magazine

A new mid-capacity magazine from G&G Armament, the G2H 100 round  midcap... "Load up with the new G2H 100 round magazine for your next milsim game. These magazines are only compatible with the G&G TR16 308 MBR WH and TR16 308 MB SR rifles. Contact your local authorized G&G dealer for pricing and availability."

New G&G GEC36 High Cap Magazine

G&G releases a 300-round high capacity magazine for the G&G GEC46 AEG, joining the mid-cap 110-round AEG magazine. There is also a 5-piece set of the 110R for those who prefer using midcaps... "Our new 300r Hi-Cap Magazine for the GEC36 gives you more room to stay in the fight and offers less reload time. Now Available."

Evike.com: APS CAP CO2 Magazine Install

Another howto video from Evike.com showing you how to replace and put in the CO2 cylinder into the APS CAP CO2 Pistol Magazine... "The Combat Adaptive Pistol or CAP is the CO2 powered sidearm offering from APS. The CAP features an ergonomically molded polymer frame, with lightly textured grip panels, providing a comfortable and effective non-slip grip.

Unconventional Uses For M4 Mag Pouches

Well, magazine pouches are made for magazines, to keep hold them well and the good ones allow for the shooter to immediately reach and pull one for a fast reload. But are there other uses for the pouches? Airsoft GI show you some uncoventional uses for the M4 magazine pouch in this Uncut episode.

0'20 Magazine Issue No. 20 Released

The 0'20 Magazine Issue No. 20 (ES Issue 64, FR Issue 34, TW Issue 29) is now available to readers. You can read it in print or on your mobile right now. This free airsoft magazine's issue covers footwear from Adidas & Salomon, the LCT Airsoft PKP, Secutor Bellum Pistol, Emerson Gear and More.

Iron Airsoft Poly Mag For Marui MWS GBB

Iron Airsoft are offering an alternative gas magazine for use with the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB Series, their own Poly Magazine. This is a lightweight magazine as it uses Polymer and has 39 round capacity... "Currently, all poly magazines(for MARUI MWS) is manufactured for high pressure gas, they can not be used with low pressure gas(such as 134a). If users consider using them with low pressure gas, please wait for a different version."

Sentry HEXMAG Glock Magazine Released

HEXMAGs are now available for the Glock 17 pistol. When will it be available for airsoft Glocks? Sentry Products LLC, which own HEXMAG, say that the price is US$21.99... "Whether you carry Glock Model 17 for sport, self-protection or on duty you need a magazine that delivers reliability and dependability that only a Hexmag can deliver. Manufactured in the USA, the new Glock compatible Hexmag magazine blends the best of metal and polymer magazine technologies with Hexmag’s signature design attributes.

Unifeed EPM For KWA Gas Magazines

Unifeed Airsoft gives us a teaser video showing their Unifeed EPM Feed Clip to solve feeding problems with KWA gas magazines... "A teaser video of our Unifeed EPM, enhanced feed clips that minimise the occurrence of doublefeeding, jams and related issues in the KWA GBBR platform.

Fully compatible with the following GBBR magazines by PTS/KWA: PMAG, EPM and IWI magazines.

Stay tuned for more details!"

How To Fix CO2 Magazine Problem

If you are encountering problems with your CO2 Magazine of your pistol, here are solutions to fx them from Reapers Airsoft... "HiHo, because it can come again and again with GBBs to problems with CO2 magazines, here are two possible solutions if the problem is due to the valve or on a wobbly magazine. Especially with the KJW (KJ-Works) KP-13 GBB this seems to be the case."

Evike.com Quantum Mechanics Mag Pouches

In stock at Evike.com are the Quantum Mechanics Locking Double Stack 9mm Mag Pouches... "Designed to provide the most secure magazine retention, the Quantum Mechanics locking magazines carrier greatly reduces accidental loss of magazines. Utilizing the magazine release cuts on standard Glock magazines, the QM locking magazine carrier locks the magazines into place, only allows removal when the locking paddles are fully depressed."