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History Con 2017 SIX Airsoft Tournament

A "SIX" airsoft tournament will take place at the History Con 2017 in Manila, Philippines in August 2017. Hosted by History Channel Asia, details are still sparse but contact information is provided in the poster below. "SIX" is a series produced by the History Channel about U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six. As for the History Convention 2017, it is scheduled to be held on the 10th to the 13th of August 2017 at the World Trade Center in Manila.

Novritsch Plays Airsoft In The Philippines

Novritsch visited the Philippines as well as he goes on a quest to play in a number of countries around the world and the Philippines has one of the oldest airsoft communities in the world. He gets to have quick dive at one of the many beaches and dive spots in the country and then play airsoft after.

Airsoft Cebu Lahug Game Site Gameplay

If you intend to visit the Central Philippine's Metropolitan Cebu area and want to play airsoft, you can go to the Lahug area and play with the Airsoft Cebu guys. It is very much accessible and you don't to get out of the city to play and enjoy what the place has to offer such as fantastic food and a vibrant night life. Here is a gameplay video of the site which is near the IT park.

Philippine Election Gun Ban Covers Airsoft

It looks like the debate whether airsoft is covered or not by the Philippine Election Gun Ban is now over. Whilst it was indicated in the COMELEC issued Comelec Resolution No. 10015 that replicas are covered, some airsoft players think they can given that airsoft has been excluded as firearm in Republic Act No. 10591 (RA 10591), they are exempted in the election gun ban.

Philippine Election Gun Ban Advisory

A heads up for airsoft players and firearms enthusiasts in the Philippines. On Thursday, the 22 of January 2014, the election period for the Sanggunaiang Kabatan (Youth Council) will take effect until the 2nd of March 2015. This means that the election gun ban will take place. Airsoft players and airgun owners are still confused if airsoft guns and airguns are still included in the election gun ban since they have been removed from the "firerams" classification with RA 10591 (unless used in a crime).

Team DEA Airsoft Video on Vimeo

A nicely made airsoft team made by Team DEA Airsoft is now on video. The team is a very active airsoft team that attends airsoft events all the country especially in the Central and Southern parts of the country. They are located in one of the biggest cities in Central Philippines, Dumaguete City in the Province of Negros Oriental.

1st Iligan MilSim Tournament Announced

More big airsoft events will be happening in Southeast Asia in December. In the Philippines the Iligan Daltans announce the 1st Iligan Milsim Tournament. Iligan City is located in the Southern island of Mindanao in the archipelago and the event, with a title called "Leave No Man Behind" is slated to happen on the 07th to the 8th od December 2013 at the Iligan Paradise Resort. 15 teams maximum are allowed for this event.

Philippine 2013 Election Gun Ban Ends

It's "MASKS DOWN" in the Philippines where airsoft players from all over the islands will start to rejoice as the election gun ban ended last night at 2359 GMT + 8. This is according to the provisions of Comelec Resolution No. 9561-A as part of the mid-term Elections last May 13. With gun violence during the election campaigns happening, gun bans are put into place during elections.

One vibrant part of the airsoft world is back into action, no wonder there are group hugs all over the Philippine Isles.

Action Air Footages From The Philippines

It's time to post some Action Air (Airsoft IPSC) footage as we found two from the Philippines at coming from the same video author. We want to promote airsoft practical shooting or action air, or AIPCS, whatever you want to call it, but we found faults in these videos which we recommend that other should avoid when putting up such videos to help this discipline:

KM14 MilSim Dry Run By Red Wing

Red Wing,  one of the foremost MilSim groups in the Philippines, together with the Green Jackets, made a dry run of KM14, which is one massive industrial warehouse located in the Southern part of Metro Manila, and is very much accessible to airsoft players in the Metropolis due to it being located at a major motorway. We're looking into this place for a possible airsoft event that will be held late this year when we get to visit the Philippines again.