3D-Printed Over-Under Airsoft Shotgun


Sima shows how to assemble a 3D-Printed Over-Under Airsoft Shotgun with the STL files available at Cults3D... "Airsoft Over-Under Shotgun designed to work with gas powered shells (Madbull/PPS Airsoft/ APS). Mostly 3d Printed, excepting some springs, pins, screws and some electrical tubing for the barrels.


Elite Force Tactical Force Tri-Shot Shotgun


Quick demonstration by Diles46 of the Elite Force Tactical Force Tri-Shot Shotgun that is available at their online store and authorised sellers... "The Tactical Force Tri-Shot Shotgun is a spring-powered pump-action platform that fires three BBs per pull of the trigger. Each pump loads three BBs into three separate inner barrels, allowing you to send volleys of BBs based on your racking and trigger pull speed!"

Garand Thumb With The Most Iconic Shotgun


Would you agree that the SPAS-12 is the world's most iconic shotgun? We would. Garand Thumb agrees and got one to tell you why in this video...  "The SPAS-12 is without a doubt the most iconic shotgun to have ever been made or designed. It's used in almost every video game and movie you can imagine. However how effective is this very interesting weapon? The SPAS-12 is without a doubt perhaps one of the worst designed shotguns to have ever hit the market."

Mach Sakai With The Maruzen M870 WS-EX Woodstock Extension Custom


The shell ejecting M870 WS-EX Woodstock Extension Custom shotgun from gets inspected by Mach Sakai. Based on the shotgun used by many LEOs around the world, this airsoft shotgun is powered with HFC134a and can hold 6 shields at a time with one shell having 3 BBs inside. You can load more BBs inside the shell but you get less power.

The Shooting Pyro On The ASG Franchi SAS 12 Budget Airsoft Shotgun


ASG Franchi SAS 12 is a very much affordable airsoft shotgun. Whilst it is only a single shot, it has a adjustable hop-up, white square ironsights, sliding and adjustable stock, and is mainly made of ABS. It is recommend for CQB use though there is a more compact SL Franchi SAS 12 Short which is tri-shot. The Shooting Pyro gives his take.

Mach Sakai: S&T M870 Silver Short Marine Magnum


Another look at the S&T M870 Silver Short Marine Magnum, this time by Mach Sakai. This is a pump action spring airsoft shotgun that has a full metal receiver and polymer grip and furniture. It comes with 21-BB round magazine and has built-on sling adapters. Check out how it performs in the video.

Jing Gong/Golden Eagle 8881 Shotgun At Tanie Militaria


A look at the affordable Jing Gong/Golden Eagle 8881 airsoft shotgun available at Tanie Militaria... "A high-quality replica of a smoothbore shotgun from  Golden Eagle  is a perfect tool for CQB games.

The  Green Gas powered  shotgun replica is made  almost entirely of metal . Metal parts are: barrel, body and body. A contoured pistol grip and other small elements are made of plastic.

APS CAM Bulldog Airsoft Shotgun


APS demonstrates the latest shotgun from their CAM series, the CAM Bulldog... "After the success of the CAM MKIII-SF, APS releases the new upgrade version BullDog. The all action and operation of this airsoft gun is the same as real one. It has a top rail with quad fore add the accessory, such as scope, flash light, laser.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Golden Eagle 8877RW Gas Shotgun


A good look at the Golden Eagle 8877RW Gas Shotgun, which is based on the Remington M870, by Timerzanov Airsoft... "Hi there ! Today I'm back with you for a new gas pump shotgun video! Here is the 8877RW from Golden Eagle, a shotgun that copies the mechanics of the Tokyo Marui M870 gas. This very interesting replica with its attractive price and its perfs out of the box will be perfect for those who do not want the Marui because it is made of metal and real wood!

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