Jeff The Kid: HawSan Double-Barreled Shotgun


Jeff The Kid goes over this double-barreled airsoft shotgun from Hawsaw to see how it performs... "This time I'm going to introduce the HawSan double-barrel shotgun. People often say that one shot is not enough, so let's have two shots. This unique appearance is very attractive to me when I first saw it, but how its performance is worth discussing Made by HawSan-Double-Barreled Shotgun How does this double-barreled shotgun produced by Huashan perform?"

RWTV 2021 Ultimate Guide: 12 Best Airsoft Shotguns


It's about airsoft shotguns for Marck to list in this 2021 Ultimate Guide to airsoft products by RedWolf Airsoft TV. Watch the video to find out if your favourite airsoft shotgun madeit to their list... "Shotguns might not be the most practical to use on the airsoft field but they certainly are some of the most fun!  Here are 12 of the best airsoft shotguns!"

Begadi Sport Metal Shotgun With Keymod Handguard


Scarfab94 reviews Begadi Sport Metal Shotgun that has a KeyMod Hanguard. This is a tri-shot airsoft shotgun that is compatible with the Marui magazine as well as the CYMA airsoft shotgun shells. Outer barrel, housing, rods of the repeating lever & case ejection window are made of metal whist the forearm grip, pistol grip and stock made of nylon fibre. Capacity is 28 rounds.

3D Printed Apex Legends Mastiff Airsoft Shotgun


You got to admire the 3D printing community's airsoft members who take time to do custom work on airsoft guns based on movies, video games, and even real firearms that do not have airsoft versions. In this case made an airsoft version of the Mastiss Shotgun seen in Apex Legends... "This time I tried to make the Mastiff shotgun an air gun. This is the same airgun series as last time, but this time we will make Mastiff's airgun that everyone loves.

In-Depth Look At An HPA Powered Tokyo Marui AA-12


The Tokyo Marui AA-12 AES is already a monster airsoft shotgun, will be it more Godzilla-like when it gets an HPA conversion? Watch this video from 3-D Video's... "Going over the details on how I converted my TM AA-12 from an AES (Auto Electric Shotgun) to a Polarstar'ed HPA (High Pressure Air) monster."

PPS M870 Shell-Ejecting "Pirate" Airsoft Shotgun


More shell-ejecting airsoft shotguns to choose from and in this video by SoulBreaker, he goes over the PPS M870 Shell-Ejecting "Pirate" Airsoft Shotgun which has been available for some years now... "We continue the series of review remakes with this M870 'Shell ejecting' from PPS. A replica which, despite far from extraordinary performance, is super fun to use."

AGM MP003A Shotgun Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft got to unbox another affordable airsoft shotgun, the AGM MP003A. Will it give a good impression that it can be recommended to airsoft players on a budget? Watch the video... "In this video we are unboxing the AGM MP003A shotgun. This has a solid stock on it and makes it a whole lot longer."

AGM MP003B & CYMA CM.351 Comparison


Pheas Airsoft does a comparison of two budget airsoft shotguns from AGM and CYMA for you to discern which of these gives the most bang for the buck... "In today's video we have done a much requested comparison between the AGM MP003B and the CYMA CM.351 budget shot guns. These were both purchased from Taiwan Gun."

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