Rock Rose With The Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K GBBS


It's the turn of Rock Rose to go over the new Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun. The first in the new airsoft gas blowback shotgun category, this is a magazine-fed tri-shot gas blowback design and is a highly anticipated product ever since Tokyo Marui first announced it at Marufes Online. Will it be easy for Rock Rose to handle? Watch the video.

Ollie Talks Airsoft's Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Update


After his first video of the Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K GBB Shotgun, Ollie Talks Airsoft got an update on in it in this video... "So after having taken this out to a day of CQB gaming I can confirm it absolutely rocks and now I can't wait to take it out into the field for some more long range testing.

Please note this airsoft gun is not loaded at any point during this video."

APS Airsoft CAM870 MKIII Full Review


Explosive Enterprises finally get to release their complete guide and review of the APS Airsoft CAM870 MKIII shell-ejecting CO2 shotgun... "At long last, a review and updated loading guide for the airsoft APS CAM870 Mk3 shell-ejecting shotgun, an airsoft rendition of the well-known Remington 870."

Mach Sakai: KTW Ithaca M37 Featherlight Shotgun


A look at the KTW Ithaca M37 Featherlight airsoft shotgun in this video review by Mach Sakai. The Ithaca M37 is a pump-action shotgun that has been in production since 1937 and has been used by the US military and law enforcement agencies. KTW has created a replica of this shotgun with realistic construction and a high capacity of 46 rounds. It also has an adjustable hop-up and can switch between single and double BB firing.

Middle Aged Gamer On The Tokyo Marui Saiga 12K GBB Shotgun


The Middle Aged Gamer likes what he sees on the new Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun... "We take a look at Tokyo Marui's latest creation the Saiga 12K gbb Shotgun. This awesome shotgun is the first Tri-Shot, Magazine fed, Gas Blowback to be released from Tokyo Marui. Featuring Strong recoil and a 45bb magazine. This is an Amazing weapon and will no doubt lead to more cool shotguns in airsoft in the future."

Explosive Enterprises' Tokyo Marui Airsoft Saiga-12K GBBS Review


Explosive Enterprises finally got their hands on the new Tokyo Marui Airsoft Saiga-12K gas blowback shotgun and here is what they say about it in the video... "At long last, it's Tokyo Marui's gas blowback airsoft version of the well-known Saiga shotgun. TM announced this one quite a while ago but production issues forced delays. Today we explore whether the end result is worth it, and what tweaks are needed to get the most out of it."

Ollie Talks Airsoft's First Look At The Tokyo Marui Saiga-12K


Ollie Talks Airsoft talks a lot about Tokyo Marui and this is first time to take a look a the new Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun... "I was lucky enough to be one of the first in line in the UK to get my hands on the brand new and much anticipated replica of the legendary Saiga 12K made by Tokyo Marui.

This video is my first impressions and initial thoughts on the worlds first practical gas blowback airsoft shotgun! and it's kinda awesome and LOUD."

L'Antre Du Dingo Reviews The Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K GBBS


Ding Chavez gives his take on the first ever gas blowback shotgun in airsoft, the Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K GBBS, in this episode of L'Antre Du Dingo. The Saiga-12 from Marui is a gas-powered semi-automatic airsoft shotgun that fires 3 BBs simultaneously per trigger pull. The bolt cycles with each shot, resulting in a considerable recoil. On the last rounds fired, the bolt stays locked in the rearward position, just like the real thing. This feature can be disabled if you wish to dry fire the gun.

The Firearm Blog: How To Shoot A Shotgun Faster


With Symtac Consulting as guest, James of The Firearm Blog talks about how to shoot a shotgun faster in this TFBTV episode... "In this video, James Reeves of TFBTV joins Matt Haught of Symtac Consulting to learn how to shoot a shotgun faster. James is learning the “push-pull” technique, which is a method of handling and firing a shotgun that allows for faster shooting, which Matt expertly describes in this video.

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