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Ares AW-338 Airsoft Gun CNC Edition

This is already a known product and if you're looking for a vendor in the US who has this in stock again, look no futher than Airsoft GI... "There have been many great airsoft replicas of bolt action rifles, but the Ares AW338 is by far the best we have seen to date. Out of the box it comes with all the necessary equipment a sniper rifle requires.

Echo1 Advanced Sniper Rifle at Stryke Airsoft

Newly released airsoft sniper rifle from Echo1 USA Airsoft is now at Stryke Airsoft for US$114.95... "Just released from Echo 1 the ASR, advanced sniper rifle. Boasts a slim grip (similar to real steel), collapsible stock (easily upgradeable), full metal barrel, heavy duty body (feels rock solid). This is an awesome deal from Echo 1, high power and tons of free accessories.

China-Made Anti-Materiel Rifle MAXI8

Latest product to grace the shelves of Airsoft Panda, this ACM Anti-Materiel rifle is just released and is now gracing the stores at airsoft retailers in Hong Kong. This is based on the Marushin Anti-Materiel Rifle MAXI8 but we do not know if this version is compatible with it. Costs US$80 when you buy it online from Airsoft Panda. Unfortunately, you won't be able to stop vehicles with it, if that's what you're wishing for.

SoftAir Swiss Arms M6 Sniper Imitation Wood Stock with Scope Package

Added yesterday at and this features the BAXS... "Traditionally every company has used a hop up system with two points of contact (top and bottom), allowing the airsoft guns to shoot to the left or to the right. With the BAXS system, we have put theree points of contact, (two at the top and one at the bottom) spreading the weight of the bb evenly, causing the accuracy of the softair airsoft gun to greatly improve and the softair airsoft gun to shoot straighter.

PDI v Trigger for the Marui L96 AWS

Time for the TM L96 AWS users to make another hefty upgrade with this v Trigger from X-Fire/PDI-Japan... "This product is different from VSR-10 NewTrigger about 90%. The concept is same as VSR-10 New Trigger 'reliable handling'. At first, the set balance in the cylinder is not lose, and it does not fail cocking. Second, it can hold setting long time by SUS303 PistonEnd and PistonSear which is given QPQ processing. BOX is made by Duralumin.

W700 Super 9 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Reasonably priced rifle from Airsoft World and fires at 400fps if you think it's underpowered... "Now here is a blast from the past! When Frenchie was a newbie (1879 - Spud-gun era) and the internet was still steam driven, he had one of these rifles, bought second hand. They weren't terribly well regarded and they didn't shoot brilliantly but our neophyte gun-god had hours of fun using it.

STAR Cheytac M200 Gas Sniper Rifle

Star M200 CheyTac version which we assume to be the brand stamped on the Ares replica which is the two-power source option and is available at a discounted price of US$1099 from the original US$1399 SRP at eHobby Asia... "Airsoft Replica CheyTac Intervention 'Long Range Rifle System" M-200 heavy sniper rifle. Most Material are produced by CNC mechanism. Nylon Fiber + Aluminum Alloy Construction. Over 8500g heavy weight weapon just like a real steel.

Well MB06 SR-2 Sniper Rifle

Low on budget but want a sniper rifle? This one at Airsoft GI might fit your budget... "The Well SR-2 is a great copy of a very successful Maruzen sniper rifle. It looks like a cross between a sniper rifle and an assault rifle. The SR-2 features a 5 position retractable LE stock, and M4 pistol grip. With the retractable butt stock and the entire gun being made almost completely of plastic, the SR-2 is an extremely compact and lightweight sniper.

Well Hand-cocking Sniper Rifle with Extendable Stock

Available at, this is an exact copy of the Maruzen APS SR2 Long Range Version. This Well hand cocking sniper rifle has an M4 extendable stock, packaged with sling, 3-9x40 scope and BB loader, which is much more complete package that what Maruzen provides. The Maruzen front panels are interchangeable, but need to be purchased and we don't know if these will fit the Well version. Costing US$59.84, it is about 3 or 4 times cheaper than Maruzen.

Socom Gear Barrett M82 Pre-Order

Hotspot Airsoft is now taking pre orders for this big rifle for US$799.95 made by SOCOM gear and we believe will be the cheapest Barrett replica in the market when it gets released. So check it out if you're interested... "Socom Gear is making a 1:1 scale, fully-licensed, Barrett m107. The external parts being made out of the same ones that can be found on the real steel version of the gun.