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KJ Works M700 Scope and Bipod Sniper Package

Package deals are always good as long as the items that come along with the base gun are good. Airsoft Extreme is offering this sniper package for that airsoft sniper who prefers paying in one go... "Check out this exciting package deal! Get a KJW M700 Sniper rifle that INCLUDES a scope AND a bipod! All this for under $300?? That's right! Just click on the image to see more information and to order today!"

SOCOM Gear M82 (M107) Prototype Ready

An update from SOCOM Gear for those wanting to lay their hands on a Barrett sniper replica. They have reached their prototyping phase and perhaps under testing and finishing fabrication procedures... "Gents, SOCOMGEAR full licensed Barrett M82 (M107) AEG prototype is ready. First version: M82 (M107) AEG 1:1 scale Using the same material as real M82 (external). Internal dimension is not the same in order to apply regulation.

ARES AMP-DSR-1 New Version

New version of the Ares AMP-DSR-1 is now in stock at Airsoft Global. The new version still retains most of the designs of the original batch, but this time Ares, we think, has gotten approval to use the markings. If you remember, the first release had AMT-DSR as markings. Now its has the "DSR-Precision, Alpirsbach, Made in Germany" markings. Price for the full package is US$910 so it's a jump from the original US$700++ price last year.

Another M82A1 AEG?

This is not discussed much, but a Hong Kong based company has previously posted some photos of an upcoming M82A1 AEG. Tactical Gear Depot, which also sells items similar to eBayBanned (read: free shipping)  has photos of this Barrett Sniper Rifle. Not much details on this AEG yet (but definitely electric) and even pricing. If this is a low-priced replica, then those who are want to have one for their own collection can contact this company.

Jack Pyke LLCS Suit

Latest product from Jack Pyke in stock at Landwarrior Airsoft... "Light Leaf Concealment System. A tough, lightweght and comfortale suit with a realistic English Oak pattern. This is the ultimate concealment in the field today. Ideally suited to Autum or woodland floor concealment. Scary good! The suit includes, Smock style top with hood, trousers. All have elastic cuffs. The total weight of this excellent system? A mere 490G."

ARES AMT-DSR 1 at Landwarrior Airsoft

UK players can now buy the AMT-DSR1 (that's what the markings say) locally, at Landwarrior Airsoft... "Ares are, by what we know, Star Airsoft. So all those high quality 338 rifles are actually a Ares rifle. So now that we've worked out the quality is top rated onto the DSR 1. The DSR is produced in Germany and is used by the GSG 9 police sharp shooters as well as the Spanish police force.

Steyr SSG 69 at Landwarrior Airsoft

New sniper replica at Landwarrior Airsoft, for something to refer to, we took a look at the Wiki entry on it... "The SSG 69 (Scharfschützengewehr 69) is a bolt-action sniper rifle produced by Steyr Mannlicher and serves as the standard sniper rifle for the Austrian Army. Adopted in 1969 (hence the designation), it was ahead of its time with the use of synthetics and cold-hammer forged barrels for accuracy.

Tanaka L96 in Stock

OD colour in stock at Airsoft GI... "The Tanaka L96 is one of the most tactical sniper rifles available, the full metal outer barrel and soft rubber butt stock make it the ultimate rifle for comfortable and accurate shooting. The L96 is extremely heavy, weighing in at more than 4.5kg (9lbs.)! Since it's gas operated there is zero resistance when pulling the bolt back and it chronographs at 600 FPS with green gas! That's 600 FPS of stock power right out of the box.

G3 KSK Sniper

Autosniper which is available at Landwarrior Airsoft, comes complete with accessories and some tweaks... "This is a one of a kind electric sniper rifle. Based on the G3 RAS, this semi auto only monster produces 450 fps. It has a mosfet fitted, so when ran on a 9.6v battery it has instant tigger response. The trigger spring has also been lightened for a more fluid feel. 


Real Sword SVD AEG Coming Soon

Something to wait for at your retailers with this new sniper AEG from Real Sword... "Now,RS has launched the SVD AEG initially. For an AEG, RS maintains the utmost real size structures in where ever the AEG needs the real size to be. For the parts that should provide performance of an AEG, RS enables them with high quality entertaining function.