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But for airsoft Tavor fans, it may take a longer wait if IWI wants to have one designed for the airsoft market. It depends also on the company which holds the licence to IWI trademarks and perhaps trade dress designs, and you know who. Anyway, the IWI GL 40 is Israel's latest weapon that they introduced at the Eurosatory 2012.

The IWI GL 40 was developed in cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and at around 1.35kg (standard version) and 1.28kg (short version or GL 40-S), it is lightweight enough to be an slung under the barrel of the an assault rifle that uses standard Picatinny rails. It also has a standalone option so one can fire it separately from the primary weapon. Since there are two types, the standard version is designed for the 400m range whilst the GL 40-S at the 300 metres.

Just like the M203, the GL 40 can be opened with a thumb latch with the barrel pushed forward and the breech is swung to the left side ready to take in 40mm rounds. It is also made of reinforced polymer to reduce the weight without compromising the sturdiness of the launcher. Whilst shown here with Tavor where it's best fit to work with, the GL 40 can be used with other rifles that have under barrel rails. What's more, it can accommodate longer 40mm rounds.

Installing it to any rifle is fast and no tools are required as long as there are rail systems to take it in. With the longer range capability, it is design to take in reinforced/medium velocity rounds making it a more effective launcher with its 400m capability in the standard version. That range can help deliver more explosive rounds when needed by the squad.

Said to be cost-effective that armed forces around the world might want to consider it, I just hope that if ever an airsoft version is released, it'll be cost-effective as well to meet my meager airsoft budget. Press release from IWI shown after the image below.

IWI Introduces New Family of Lightweight, Single-Shot 40x46 mm, Under-Barrel or Standalone Grenade Launchers

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) – a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for governments, armies, and law enforcement agencies around the world – will introduce its new family of grenade launchers, the IWI GL40, compatible with all types of assault rifles, at Eurosatory 2012, June 11-15, Paris, Israel Pavilion, Hall 6, at Booth # CD690. Made of lightweight materials, the system is easy to assemble and operate, and offers a stand-alone option that enables firing separately from the weapon. All IWI's weapon families will be on display at Eurosatory.

Developed in cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the IWI GL 40 Grenade Launcher - which weighs only 1.400 kg - is a single-shot 40x46mm launcher, ergonomically designed, versatile, and compatible with all types of assault rifles. Available in two barrel lengths - for 400m and 300m range - the GL 40 is designed for low and medium velocity (longer than usual range) rounds. Unlimited feed for most 40mm rounds enables operation in any situation or combat conditions. The stand-alone option enables firing separately from the launcher when it is dismantled from the weapon.

Attaching to the lower rail of the weapon and locking rapidly with the lever, the GL40 can be quickly assembled and disassembled by a single soldier without any additional tools. Due to its side-opening barrel, which allows a simple injection and extraction of the grenade, it can use various lengths of ammunition including long grenades. Picatinny rails on the bottom and sides enable the incorporation of various devices and accessories.

The GL40 is rugged, cost-effective, reliable, and safe. Safety features include a disconnector that prevents firing when the barrel is shut down with the pressed trigger. There is also a safety catch outside the trigger guard. Enhanced ergonomics include a specially-designed handle grip. A reinforced barrel muzzle prevents damage to the weapon.

IWI will showcase all their product families at Eurosatory, including the NEGEV LMG, the ACE, TAVOR, and X95 Assault Rifles, UZI SMG, JERICHO Pistols, and GALIL Sniper Rifles - as well as the recently launched semi-automatic NEGEV NG7 and the UZI PRO SMG.

According to Uri Amit, IWI's CEO, "We are pleased to announce the expansion of our product lines and the addition of our new family of grenade launchers at Eurosatory. We continuously develop new products, using the most advanced technologies, in order to provide our customers with solutions to meet all their small arms needs. Our new grenade launchers are the result of conclusions drawn from existing launchers - and the needs that arose from the field for a launcher that was easy to use and disassemble by the individual soldier, lightweight, and high performance - ensuring highly accurate firing.  We will soon complete the development of additional launchers."

About IWI
Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), located in the center of Israel, is a world leader in small arms for the past 80 years. IWI is a member of the SK Group, which is composed of companies that develop and manufacture a wide array of military products for governmental entities, armies, and law enforcement agencies around the world. IWI’s most-known products include the TAVOR and GALIL ACE families of Assault Rifles, the NEGEV Light Machine Gun, the legendary UZI SMG (Mini Micro and UZI PRO) and the JERICHO family of pistols – which have all been considered weapons of choice by military units and top law enforcement agencies around the world. The company’s firearms are developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). IWI and the IDF joint forces in developing these weapons, whose final configurations are the product of ongoing interaction, field tests, and modifications, resulting from combat requirements and experience. All IWI weapon systems are in compliance with the most stringent military standards (MIL-STD) and ISO 9000 standards.

For more information on IWI please visit – http://www.iwi.net.

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